I sigh, knowing it's no good trying to see in my human fom in this cave. I can already feelmy body fazing into a bat. I spread out my wings and start flying around the cave.

I like my bat form, it's one of the coolest animals. They're get hunters, especially like the one I've shifted into. I'm flying around the cave like I know my way around school.

I stop when I come to a carving on one of the walls. I faze back into my human form and read it. I gasp, knowing how old this is. So old that it's written in our old language. My family always write like this so I understand what it says perfectly.

'This is a place of sin. The devil lies within. Let it rot in here until the end. Forever in hell it will spend.'

I frown at it. What's in here? I know that whatever it is is bad, very bad. Or, at least, these phychics and shifters thought so. The wall isn't suppost to be here. The shifters and phychics must of moved bits of rock to make it.

I scan aroundthe wall, looking for an entrance. A smile appears on my face as I see a gap in the wall. It's too small for me to get through in my normal animal forms. I sigh, realising that I'll have to faze into my least favourite animal, a mouse. As soon as I think that, my body starts to shift into the tiny creature.

I don't really know why I don't like mice, probably because I think it's useless. I quickly jump up to the hole and push myself through it. It's quiet dark in here but I can make out some candels.

I faze back intomy form. For any other shapeshifter, they would be light headed with all this shifting by now but I'm not. It takes a lot to make my dizzy. I put my handinto my pocket and pull out a lighter.

I don't smoke or anything, I just know it's useful to have a lighter around. You never know when you need to tourch something.

I light all the candels and put the lighter back in my pocket. I start to look aroundat the big cave room. "Bloody hell." I breath as I see shelf after shelf of books. This placeis massive and I haven't seen it all yet! I look aroundand see a little wooden table with a couple of books on it.

I pick them all up and carry on looking around.I can see a couple of piles of bones on the floor, dirty with age. Whos bones are they? And what is so bad that shifters and phychics have to trap something together?

I sit down on the rocky floor and open the books I'm holding. I open the all to the first page carefully, trying not to rip any pages.

' This journal belongs to Ralph Ripkill. Shapeshifter.'

' This journal belongs to Shallow Jone. Phychic. '

' This journal belongs to Marckus Smith. Vampire. '

' This journal belongs to Bruff Howler. Werewolf. '

' This journal belongs to Red Bai. Witch. '

' This journal belongs to St. Jace Rocketson. Human. '

Why are vampires, werewolves, witches, humans, phychics and shapeshifters writing journals in this cave? This must be worse then I thought if all the powerful races were joining together writing.

One journal catches my eye, one that is covered with a sandy, rocky cover so it's nearly impossible to tell it's not part of theground. I pick it up and blow off all of the muck on it. It looks just like the others but strangly different. I open the journal and my eyes widen.

' This is my journal. My name is Phillian. No last name. I'm the child of Phychics and shapeshifters. '

The handwriting is scruffy, rushed. Like this kid didn't want to get caught writing it. I quickly grab the journals and put them under my arm. I know I can't faze into a mouse again because then I won't be able to get the books out too.

I sigh as I shift into a mole and start digging a hole under the wall and out the other side. I quickly go back and take the books under as well, the hole big enough to get them through.

Once out of my tunnel, I faze back into a bat, holding tightly onto the books. I fly as fast as I can out of the cave. I'm out in no time, the light blinding me. I faze back into human form whilst I fall to the ground.

I shake my head and rub my eyes. I still holding all seven journals. I smile and get tomy feet. I run back to school, I have to read these.

I don't know why but I have to. I have to know what happend to the Halfling!

The End

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