I get up then dump my food in the bin. "I'm leaving" I mumble to Hawk then walk out of the room. How can he act so stupid?

If he continues like that someones bound to find out. I sigh and make my way through the courtyard. I head for the libary. I need peace and quiet.

I slump down at a beany bag in the corner between two bookcases. Its a good hiding place.

"Hey" I jump then search around. No ones there.

"I'm talking through your mind idiot" the voice says again.

"Who are you?" I whisper.

"My name's Phillian" The voice says. "I'm the child of Phychic's and Shapeshifters"

"But that child is dead" I whisper. Its like I feel Phillian's head shake.

"No, I am a spirit. Not living neither dead. It is their fault. The two coucil's fault. They couldn't kill me so they destroyed my body and bound me to a cave which your boyfriend just opened" Phillian sighs.

"Boyfriend?" A picture of Emet flashes through my mind. "He's not my boyfriend" I exclaim but keep it quiet.

"Hmm, he will be. Don't you check your future??? You're the one that will bring forth my heir" Phillian says.


"The next Halfling" Phillian says happily.

"I can't though interbreeding between Phychic's and Shapshifter's is forbidden" I hiss.

"....I need your help, Jinx....... Your's and his if their betrayel is shown" Phillian whispers quietly.

"Betrayel??" I question.

"I was never a threat to them.... I just offered a unity.... a future"

The End

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