I stare at Jinx for a while,willing her to join my table. She doesn't. I roll my eyes, why am I even thinking about her? As far as Ripkills are consern, phychics are the emeny. Jinx doesn't feel that way to me though.

She's beautiful, inside and out. Damn! Why does she have to be a bloody phychic? I can feel Emma and Rees eyes on me. I growl under my breath so low only Rege and Emma can hear it. Emma because of her hearing is far better then most of the shifters in here put together and Rege because we have been mates for so long.

They both drop their gazes from me after hearing my threat. I start to pick at my pizza. I'm too confused to eat. I throw my plate (with the pizza on it) to the floor, letting it smash.

Gasps come from many mouths in the hall and everyones head turns towards me. I stand up, eyes blazing. "Emet? You okay?" Emmas worried voice asks me. "Not hungry." I growl through gritted teeth. They both get to their feet too.

I ignore them and change into a pantha and run out. I hear both of them groan after me but leave me be. I run outside in my wolf form. I have no idea where I'm going but it isn't going to be anywhere near that hall.

"Emet Ripkill you are suppost to be in detension with me for what you did to those students!" Lionne, the shapeshifter headteacher, is standing in front of me. Her hands are on her hips, her thin lips are in an even thinner line. She's pissed off with me but I really couldn't care less.

"Follow me, you are going to apolagise to all of the phychics!" She says down at my pantha figure then walks past me slowly.  "Bite me!" I snarl, my voice nearly like my human one but of course not because I'm in my pantha form.

I sprint off, leaving her yelling after me. She won't follow, she knows she can't catch up with me, even if I don't sprint. I run towards the schools forest, the animal part of me relaxing comfitably.

I run in deeper then stop, finally tired. I faze back into my human form and look around theclearing. There is a massive stone in front of me. This shouldn't be here. Yes there is a cave behind it but no, this bolder in front was moved here.

I sniff deeply, catching the sent of both shifters and phychics all around the bolder. My brow creases as I wounder what called be so dangerous that both shapeshifters and phychics have moved this bolder.

I put my hands on the right side of the bolder. I push with all my might, moving it a bit but the gab is too small for me to get through. I frown at it, now I know why the phychics were needed.

I pull out my sword and swing it around, my sword relaxes into my wrist. I jump up and smash my sword down onto the the bolder,making it crumble into small bits of rock. I smile at the work my sword has done and look inside. It's too dark to see properly but,from my animal sences, I know it goes on for a while.

I look around me, I'm smiling sneakily, and walk inside.

The End

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