Don't know what to doMature

I get up for Lunch. But I don't know why. It's pointless. If I go into that room and Emily once again lead me over to Emets table I'll burst into tears.

Either that or break. Not be able to hold back any longer and have to grip him tight hoping a savoir to come.

Crap, what am I thinking? I stop on my way to the dining room and shake my head. "I should go find Alaric" I mutter then quickly head towards the teacher's dining room.

I knock on the door. "Come in" someone shouts. I open the door and step in. I see Alaric and turn towards him. "Um... Can I speak to you sir?" I say hesitantly.

"Sure" He gets to his feet and leads me out into a quiet room. "Is everything okay?" He offers me a chair and I take it sitting down in front of the desk. He moves round and sits behind it leaning forward.

"I'm not sure sir..... I'm not feeling all to well about fitting it" I say.

"Ah, yes. I've heard about what happened. If you can just keep your telepathy secret you'll be fine" He says with a smile. "Passing you off for a time pauser will be quite easy"

"But what about my other powers?" I ask confused.

"I'm glad you came to see me about that" He says. "At lunch I could give you private lessons if that is what you wish"

"Won't that be strange sir" I say stuttering. He smiles shaking his head.

"Not at all. It's my duty to look after the students who are having a hard time or wish to remain quiet about there abilities" He says.

"Thank you sir" I say standing up. He stands up too and moves round to stand in front of me.

"My pleasure. You meet me in here and we will begin tomorow" He say. Then he shocks me by taking my hand bowing down and kissing the knuckle.

"You will be safe with me Jinx" He whispers looking up at me. I slowly pull my hand away then quickly make my way back out through the teachers dining room.

Was that me or did that seem to weird? I shake my head then march across the courtyard to the diningroom. As I step in my heart twangs and lurches at the sight of Emet but I quickly move on to fetch some food.

When I've got it all I notice Emily on the table. "Come over Jinx" She shouts waving. My eyes flick to Emet who also seems to want me to.

Then I spot Hawk and move over to sit with her at an empty table. "You could of had the best seat. The last one empty was next to Emet" Hawk whispered. I shake my head.

"I can't" I whisper looking up past her at Emet who also seems to be looking at me.

The End

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