God, I shouldn't of kissed her. It was a moment of weakness, a moment of my emotions showing. I shake my head and head back to find Emma and Rege, I already know they are in our dorm.

I have wish to get there quickly so I just slowly walk towards my dorm room. My head is down as I'm walking through the empty corridors. I'm thinking, something hardly anyone thinks I do.

Instead of going to my dorm, I turn and walk into the libary. Hardly anyone is in here, but the people who are don't even look up at me. It's like I'm everyone else. I smile under my breath. Everyone else, I wonder what that's like.

I search through the shelves until I find one that I'm looking for, the uncategorised creature section. This is the shelves that are books all about magical creatures who have dissapeared through out history.

My fingers trace there old spines. I reach above my head and pull down the book I'm looking for, Billieson-Joe Ripkill. It's a book deadicated to him, he was the only Ripkill who protested for peace. He believed that the different races should be allowed to be together.

I take it off of the shelf and put it under my arm. I also go and get some books about how to use my abilities properly. I can control them fine, it's the whole what to use them for that's annoying me at the moment. Everyone expects me to use them to fight. My family think I'm going to kill phychics just like them, the army think I'll join them and my friends think I'll breakthe law.

The law. Why is it such a piss take? I mean, my whole life, I've never wanted a girl as badly as I want Jinx but she's a phchic and thats not allowed.

The End

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