Time OutMature

Emet rams into out class door shooting into the room before phasing back. At first people are frozen shocked. Including me and I saw it coming. Then the girls squeal.

The Shapeshifters run up to him except for Hawk next to me who with the Phychic girls just gawks at him.

"Emet Ripkill get out of my class room!" Demands the teacher his face fuming.

"Sorry sir, I need to speak to Jinx about her performance in Sword class" He says gesturing to me.

All of the girls moan and the ones crowding around him slump back to their chairs even a few who have boyfriends.

"Fine just get out and stop interupting my lesson" He says angrily. Then turning to me he politely says "Miss Waters can you please go with Emet to discuss your performance?"

"Of course, Sir" I say rising  from my seat and following Emet out the class room. I close the door behind me and when I turn back round he's already halfway across the courtyard. I sigh and take off at a jog to follow after him.

He leads me into the garden where he first kissed me. I find myself blushing at the memory as I look around.

"I didn't drag you out of class to talk about your performance" Emet says slumping into a seat on the bench.

"Then can I go back?" I ask shaking my head.

"No, I don't know why I brought you out" He says leaning forward looking down. "Only that I did it when I was angry and quite annoyed"

"Why you avoiding saying the word upset I can see it in your mind?" I ask. He laughs.

"I don't like seeming weak" He says tilting his head to look up at me. He just looks at me silently.

I open my mouth to speak but he's suddenly on his feet pressing a finger to my lips. I close my mouth staying silent. He slowly drags his finger down of my lips them puts his hand on my neck then with his thumb tilts up my neck.

He takes my hand in his other and wraps it back around his back. What am I doing? I'm just standing there, my breathing heavy and my heart and head pounding.

Then slowly.... finally..... he leans down to kiss me. He presses his lips only softly on mine yet and electric current blast through my body. It makes me pull my arm away from his so I can hug him properly with both. While his hand are soft on my neck tilting up my head.

Then.... "No" I pull away from his stumbling back out of his embrace. "That what we did is illegal"

"It was just a kiss" he whispers. I shake my head.

"With feeling Emet. Don't deny them cause your mind is full of them" I say taking another step back.

"Don't go" he whispers. But I turn on my heels and run. I don't go back to the class I go to the nurses room tell her I'm unwell and get an absence pass to go back to my room.

I fall on the bed and curl up then softly and quietly I cry. Why is this happening to me?

The End

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