Why Am I Here?Mature

I start to pick up the swords and put them back in there rightful places. "Emet, man, that girls a pro with the sword." Rege says, helping me out. I nod. "She's alright." I say and shrug. "Jinx needs more practise." I say and turn to see Rege smirk.

"What?" I ask defensively. He smiles and shakes his head. "You're just pissed off couse she's the best out of them yet she's a phychic." He smiles and puts the phychic rack back in it's rightful place. I do the same with the shifters rack.

I hear footsteps coming behind me. I quickly turn and put my sword to the mystery person who tries to sneak up on me. "Wow! Careful Emet. It's just me." I shake my head at Emma. "I told you to stop asking me to join you guys." I say through gritted teeth, putting my sword back in my belt.

"I'm not here because of that. I'm here for... for..." She's struggling with her words agian. I take her arm and Rege takes the other. He hovers over her protectively. I smile a little, knowing how much he likes her. We take Emma outside and sit her by the oak tree.

She smiles weakly. "Sorry. Too stuffy in there." Emma gasps. I nod. It's hard for Emma, she's been her human form for the last two years. She had it ruff as a kid, she changed into a tiger and couldn't change back until my family found her. We helped her stay in human form, taught her to change to and fro easily.

She still eats in her tiger form, hunts and then kills her prey. So it's got to of been hard for her, in the gym, where peoples sent lingers for longer. My eyes are searching in hers. "Well?" I ask. She sighs. "Emet, I've been sent here to stay with you until you've finished your education." Emma says quickly. I roll my eyes fustrated.

"What the hell? What are you lot going to do? As soon as I get out of this hell hole are you gonna force me int0 the army?" I nearly yell, annoyed aboutnot getting a choice. Rege scowls at me. "Leave her along Emet! Can't you see she's upset?" Rege says, getting to his feet. I roll my eyes. "Rege, stay with Emma." I say then quickly turn away.

I can feel my body changing, my body fazeing into a pantha. I run around thinking. Why don't I get a choice about anything? As soon as I was born, I've been bought up to be in battle. Then there's school, but it's not that bad, I can break the rules easy. Apart from the law, saying I can't fall in love with a phychics.

I don't know why but that bugs me. Really, really, bugs me. I stop and look into a window, I freeze. There, right but the window is Jinx. God, she looks beautiful when the sun shines on her hair. I shake my head and start running again but I end up in the same place again.

I run into the school, my claws scrating the smooth floor. I run at full speed at Jinxs classes door. It bursts open, making the students jump and a few of them scream. I walk in confidently then faze back into my human form.

The End

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