Using a SwordMature

I twirl the sword lightly in my hand. "We going to fight then" Hawk asks. I look at the sword again then nod.

Hawk swings her sword and I bring mine up with a flick of the wrist blocking it. Hawk smiles and thats when the real fight begins.

Hawks sword clashes against mine several times, I'm always blocking. Thats until I see an opening. I step forward shocking Hawk swinging several graceful swings till I twirl our swords together pulling hers from her hand and flicking it across the room.

The clang of it against the floor seems to silent everybody as I hold my sword to Hawk's throat. She's breathing heavily her chest moving up and down really fast.

"Wow" I turn to see the sound came from Emet's friends mouth.... What was it?? Oh yeah, Rege.

"That was quite good" Emet notes. "Care for a light spare I will go easy?"

I see his slight smug attutude when he says he'll goes easy and something in my jumps at the chance.

"Okay" I say pulling back my sword. Emet walks up and everyone creates a large circle around us. Emet pulls his sword from his sheath. I swing mine in circles to release the tension from my wrist.

I swing my sword and of course Emet's sword is up deflecting it. Then he swings. I only just block it and I feel the weight of his sword.

"Good swing" He notes.

I twist my sword lightly forcing his away. I swing mine in and he only just gets it. I hear gasps. "Don't judge me just yet"

Then swords are swinging and defending until I find myself out of breath. Everyone is staring shocked even Rege.

"I give" I breath.

"Right, okay" Its then the bell goes. His brain is filled with thoughts of me fighting.

Everyone's moving off. I step up to Emet. "Keep me out of your head" I hiss. Then without hesitation I move off, trying not to show my glee that he's still thinking about me.

"Come on. If we are late for Languages we are boned" Hawk says coming up to me.

"Why?" I ask as Hawk grabs my arm and pulls me along.

"Cause the teacher shouts the hell at you if you are late" Hawk says smiling back at me.

The End

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