First Lesson In Sword FightingMature

"Hey, hey, Emet. Look what I can do!" Rege yells.I look over at him balancing his sword on his hand. I roll my eyes. I walk over to him. "Wow. Hey, you can join the cirus." I say, sarcasm in my voice. "Really?" He asks.

I hit him aroundthe head. He stumbles forward and drops his sword. He rubs his head. "Whatya do that for?" He asks innocently. "For being a idoit." I say laughing. "You better pick up your sword, class is about to start." I say and shake my head, going back to my own sword.

That'sthe thing about Rege, he can drink as much as he wants and instead of getting a hangover, he just goes childish. I pick up my sword and put it on my belt. So, today it's a mixed group. Great. I get out the sword rack. There's two of them, one for Shapeshifters and one for Phychics.

They are made to fit the person from that race. So, if a phychic used a shifters sword it'll be hard to use and vice versa. I put the racks on opposite sides of the room and stand at the front of the gym.

The students start piling in, many gasp when they see me and Rege. My face is a maskas I scan through the faces. "Right you lot. Come here and standin the middle." I yell and they all do as I say.

"Right. As you all should know this class will teach you how to handle a sword. Every sword is different and designed for it's owner perfetly. As this school is a bloody cheap skate, you'll have to put up with the crappy old ones."I say and some students laugh at me swearing. No one would think it, but I'm okay at this teaching stuff.

"This is Rege and I'm Emet. Rege here will fight with the odd one out 'cause there is always one." I say, seeing most of the girls get closer to Rege. I roll my eyes. "Sir? Why are there two sword racks?" A guy shapeshifter asks making me and Rege burst out laughing. The guy goes red.

"Sorry for laughing mate. But no one calls me sir. There are two because they are better for each race. You lot wil have to diside what rack if for what race on your own just by looking at them. Off you go." I tell them and they all run off to the racks.

Rege comes over to me."Mate, you know that phychic girl that wouldn'tdance with ya?" Rege whispers, I glare at him. "Yeah?" I ask. "She's over there. And she'salready picked a sword." Rege points over to the Phychic rack.

I look over and see by the rack it's mixed. My eyes are searching for Jinx. I finally find her, away from the others, holding a sword. She looks up at me. She blushes then looks away. I smile. "Times up!" I yell."This side is for shifter and this side for phychics." I point to the right sides and the students who got it wrong quickly change.

"Pick a sword and get into pairs." I yell, my eyes keep going back to Jinx. Everyone has a pair for achange, Jinx is with a girl who looks very annoying. I turn to Rege and smile, he smiles back.

"We're gonna showyou some how a real sword fight is suppost to look like." Rege says, a huge smile on his face. "I'm gonna beat you this time mate. I've been practising." Rege lowers his voice to me. I smile and shake my head. "You say that every time." I say to him and get ready.

Rege charges at me and in seconds we are fighting, our swords clashing against eachother, splashes of colour emerge with every hit. Many gasps come from our audience. I smile and disarm Rege. I kick him in the knees, making him fall to the floor. I put my sword out his throat ready to strike.

"Told ya." I say. I help Rege up at turn to the students, all of them are gobsmacked. Ismile. "That's how a real sword fight is suppost to look likebut normally Rege would be dead. Actrually, the amount of times we've done this, Rege would of died about 100 times." I say and Rege scowls at me.

"Just cause you've had all the training." Rege mumbles and picks up his sword. "I assume most of you have never handled a sword before so we'll gothrough some basics that, when I say, you will go off and practise in your pairs." I say.

Me and Rege go through some simple blocks and attack. I turn back to the students. "Now you lot try." I say and they all spread out and get ready. "Oh, by the way. Don't kill your partner, both headteachers will come down on you like a ton of bricks. Emet would know." Rege points out. I shake my head.

"You killed someone?" Jinxs asks, her voice soft. Rege laughs. "Oh he's killed more then one. Ain't ya Em? Once he killed ten Phychics in a fight." I hit Rege on the arm hard. "They don't want to hear about inow dickhead." I say through gritted teeth.

I know they do want to know but they have to practise. "Right you lot, practise!" I yell at them. I caught a glimpse of Jinxs disgusted face. I had to kill them, they were going to kill me.

My family are known for killing loads of other magical creature, mostly the phychic race. One night, when I was ten, a load of phychics came into my house and tried to kill me. Luckily, I had enough training and my sword nearby.

I look around and see many students struggling. I shake my head. "C'mon Rege, lets help them out." I say and work the room with Rege, helping them all.

The End

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