I find my form room easily. I get my sheet off the teacher and slowly make my way down the hall.

I have...... History??

Wow, they stick to some basics and as I make my way into the room I'm glad to the classes are mixed. Also glad that Emet couldn't possibly be in my class cause he's a year older.

All that rep in one year and a half is very impressive. No, I will not think about him. He is a jerk and should burn in the afterlife weather it be hell or just nothingness.

Uh, thats just making me think about him more..... and that kiss. I find myself tracing my lips and bring my hand down quickly.

People begin filing into the room almost late. A girl jumps into the seat next to me. "Isn't this exciting?" She says smiling at me. "I'm Hawk"

"Uh, Jinx. You're a shapeshifter aren't you?" I say raising an eyebrow.

"Yep and you're a phychic. The one everyone's talking about seeming to have time pausing abilities the first in 1000 years" She says looking happy with delight. "I was hoping we could be friends"

"Cause of my rep?" I say raising an eyebrow.

"No, cause I'm a freak aswell. My mother was human yet I can change into almost any animal.... mostly air and water based" She notes at the end.

"Cool" I say smiling.

Her eyes are a flaming gold and her hair is a dark blood red all spiky. But then her clothes are just average if not slightly biker style.

"Oh, teacher" She says turning to the front and settling into her seat. The teacher comes in. "She's a phychic and part human. Part human's are only allowed to teach history due to the past war between our species before the treaty"

Ah, the unity treaty. Not that all Shapeshifters and Phychic's respect it. I sigh then become quiet as the lesson begins.

Its the history of how Shapeshifters date back to before Phychic's and that Phychic's were born because creation decided to trick a male Phychic to seduce a Shapeshifter.

They created a child which almost destroyed the world which is why now there is a law against Shapeshifter being with Phychic's. Although it also has more thoughts and discussion involved.

Like how Shapeshifters use to believe that they were the innocence and Phychic's are the devil's breed. This was sorted out by Shapeshifters being proved that it was also there fault.

Not that they ever totally agreed. That was the reason of the wars. Which happened twice till the unity treaty.

"That's the end of class" The teacher says. Everyone rushes out of the class. Hawk is waiting for me as I finish packing my bag.

"Is your next class Sword fighting?" She asks. I check my sheet then nod.

"Yep, in the gym" I say smiling up at her.

"I can't believe I actually inheirted all this power from my Dad though. He's one of the Shifters on the coucil" She says. She continues to talk but I slowly tune out.

Great friend but.... I'm lost at the moment confused. Then she suddenly gets my attention. "What?" I mumble.

"This is a mixed year class and Emet leads the class" She squeals.

Opps, Gulp.

The End

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