How Many Times Do I Have To Say It?Mature

Jinx walks off, leaving me standing there. Wow. She's firey when she wants to be.

I look around then see Miss Flatterbat (the shapeshifter deputy-head) walking towards me, looking pissed off. "Shit!" I mutter then quickly run off into the hall. I push my way through the que and get some food.

My eyes scan the room, looking for the well behaved students. Inside, I am panicking but I never let my emotions show. I see a group of shifters, with glasses and spell books. I quickly sit next to them.They look up in surprise. I wink at the girls and grab a book.

I start reading it, making it look like I am deep into what the words say. To be frank, it's interesting. It's about the most epic battles between Phychics and Shapeshifters. I already know all about them but to have it all written down like this, it's strange.

"Mr. Ripkill." I look up at Miss Flatterbat and smile after a I finished the page. She looks shocked by who I'm with and me actrually reading a book. "Hey Miss. What's up?" I ask smiling. She sighs. "First of all, the party you had last night sent many phychics to the hospital wing unconsisous." She says, her voice angry.

"Sorry 'bout that. But in my denfense, it was self defense. They attacked me first." I shruged and she shaked her head. "You are going to be punished for that later. At the moment, you have a few people, wanting to see you." What? People to see me?

I get to my feet just as ten giant eagles fly in the hall. I sigh. Not them again. By this time the hall is full and everyone is gasping in shock. They land and change back into themselves.

"Emet Ripkill. You know who we are and what we want." I look at Jeff, the leader of our army. I shake my head. "Jeff, I told you. I ain't fighting. Not  at the moment anyway." I say and walk towards him.

"Emet. We need your help! The vampires are going around, killing the humans so much that it's indangering all of us!" Emma says, coming towards me. She's the youngest and smallest but that doesn't mean she's weak, oh no. I shake my head again.

"Look, I've told you time and time again, I'm not fighting against anyone out of school while I'm in school! I have my studies to think about! And if you come here again, trying to make me join you lot, then I swear down I never will! You got it?" I snarl at Jeff. I can see in his eyes that he is scared, knowing how much power I've got.

He nods and shifts back into an eagle and flies off, the others following him. I sigh as they go. Everyone turns to me open mouthed. I shake my head and storm out of the hall. Everything I just said was true, I really do want to do well in my education.

After I finish school, then I'll think about it but now, I've got much bigger problems to deal with.

The End

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