Hearing of the fightMature

Emily stumbles in.... totally drunk. "Earlier then I expected" I say putting down my drawing pad on the side table. I really don't want her to see what I'm sketching.

"Emet and his gang got in a fight with some Phychic dude's over a girl" Emily says stumbling to her bed. She flops down then pulls off her boots wobbling on the bed. "He was a real jerk though caller the dude a Phyfiler"

I freeze. He hates Phychic's that much. No one would use that unless they say us as worthless. I look down and ignore Emily as she flicks off her light and slides into her bed putting her back to me.

Seems Emet just solved a strong puzzle in my mind. I can't care for someone who thinks Phychic's are Phyfiler's.

I flick off my light then settle down into bed.


I wake up to a bell. It echo through the whole school and in my lack of concentration I'm hit with loads of awaking thoughts. I tumble out of my bed hitting the floor hard. "Ouch" I mumble getting to my feet.

Emily's rubbing her eyes as she rises her outfit creased. "Are form room is 34. You'll get your timetable there" Emily mutters then she stumbles into the bathroom.

Good I had a shower last night. I change into a plain baby blue top and pair of jeans then pull on a pair of blue sneakers. Then I grab the school jacket shrugging it on. I pick up my side handing bag from where I left it packed last night then make my way out of the room.

The corridor's empty and the kitchen only has about six students in..... No, exactly. I pour myself some cerial and add milk. I grab a bottle of Orange juice and quickly eat that down at the table getting out of the kitchen just as groups stumble down the stairs.

I exit the dorm into the sunshine and walk on the grass of the courtyard the morning dew lightly soaking the fabric of my shoes.

"Hey" I turn to the voice. I'm faced with Emet a small cut on his cheek and its obvious he's wiped out.

"Where's your group? Shouldn't you be having a hangover with them?" I say narrowing my eyes.

Emet laughs slight shaking his head. "Apart from the fight the night was quite calm" he says walking up to stand in front of me.

"Oh, yeah. I heard about that" I say. I turn away and begin to walk off.

"Hey" He jogs slightly to catch up with me. "What did I do now? On account I haven't done anything wrong"

I turn on him. "Stop trying. I don't even become friends with guys who are cocky let alone hate my race" I snap at him.

He looks confused. "How did I say that?"

"Phyfiler. When saying it you don't direct it at one. Its a general terms only used by those who hate Phychic. So if you wouldn't mind I'm going to get my time table"

When I begin to walk away this time he doesn't follow me. I know I've shocked him. I know I was harsh.

But so was he. That word should never be used. Shouldn't even be created. Also he treats girls like garbage. Something once he's used can throw away.

I can't believe I even had a spark of feeling for this guy let alone thought I could love him.

I mean seriously. He is nothing but a overconfident cockey jerk.

The End

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