I shake my head as she storms off. "Hey man, looks like she owned you. Ha,you should of seen your face, mate." I glare at Rege, making him take a couple steps back.

I take a step towrads him, anger filling me up. I don't get why. I stop. "Sorry Rege. Just need to blow off steam." I say and Rege nods, taking another gulp of his beer. I don't get what's happening. When I kissed her it was different to all the other girls I've kissed.

I kinda got goosebumps just by getting close to her. I get another beer and take a gulp. What the hell is wrong with me? She's just a girl, a phychic girl! But she is hot! I mean, so much hotter then any other babe here.

I shake my head and take another gulp. Ever since I can remember, I have been trained to kill Phychics. I've been told never get too close to them, kill them before they kill you. I take another gulp and walk over to a group of phychic girls, Rege right behind me.

They seeus coming and blush like made. Ismile down at the hottest one there. She's alright, but nothing compared to Jinx. What the fuck! Why can't I stop thinking about her? I take another gulp and throw the empty can on the floor.

"C'mon. You're dancing with me." Isay and walk off over to people dancing, knowing the girl will follow. We start dancing close. "My name's Jenny." She smiles. I shrug. "So? I don't care about what you name is." She looks hurt so I smile, using my charm. She smiles back.

We dance closer together, our bodies touching. "Hey! Hey! What the hell do you think you are doing?" I'm still dancing but Jenny's eyes keep going from my face to some phychic behind. From my shapeshifter sences I can near enough smell her fear.

I can hear the phychic coming up behind me. I pull the girl close and kiss her. Suddenly a speaker get thrown at my head. I stumble but swiftly dogde it. I glare at the phychic guy. "What the hell?" The confident look from his face goes. Hes wallows hardand raises his head.

"You were kissing my girl." He says trying to be tough. I ball my fists and glare at him, my black eyes like fire. "So? Do you know who I am?"I say stepping closer, my gang behind me. His mates go behind him. Perfectic lot. "She wanted it. Said something about not getting pleasured enough. She wanted to feel sexy."

I smile evilly at the phychic. The speakers start to shakeand I know I'm getting to him. Ismile and walk closer. "What?You don'tlike the truth?" He goes topunch mebut I grab his fist in a strong grip. I can see his brown eyes widen.

I punch him hard in the stomache, making him double over, and push him hardtothe floor. "I don't need to use my powers to beat you. You little Phyfiler!" I yell, making everyone gasp. Phyfiler is the most horrible insult to say to a phychic. It means rotten blood, a disgrace to the magcical world. Basically it's all the worst insults rolled into one.

Someone from his gang comes forward and I hit him hard in the face, knocking him out cold. More and more phychic guys come after me, my gang getinvolvedin the fight. We are winning easy, we always do.

The End

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