Party timeMature

The rec hall is..... Huge! I mean I know Blastyen would have loads of students but..... Wow.

I suspect.... No, I know there are 234 teenagers attending this school and every single one is in this hall sparing 3 who are studying.

I shake my head. Stop. Using. Telepathy! I continuely put that thought through my head as Emily drags me through the crowd to a table where a whole lot of alcohol is sitting.

"Wow.... isn't this against school rules?" I ask looking at Emily whose grabbing two can of beers. She shoves one into my hand.

"Its a party who cares. Besides the only person who ever gets told off at Emet's party's is Emet" Emily says smiling. She opens her beer and takes a big swig. "I'm going to scout"

Then with that she's gone. I feel like the only reason Emily is putting up with me is because I'm her roomate and am moderately pretty.

"Hey girl" A guy says coming up. "I'm Rege"

He offers his hands but I just step away. His breath is already tinged with a lot of alcohol. God, I mean didn't this start only a few minutes ago?

"Come on girl its a party, let loose" He says smiling and stepping closer.

"No thanks" I say then walk away.

"Not very nice to my best friend are you" I spin round and look up into the face of Emet.

"He's drunk" I say. He smiles. "And so are you"

I step back but he shakes his head. "Not drunk. I've only had a beer" he says. Some how that makes me feel worse. If he's not drunk he'll be thinking logically and badboy and genius aint a good mix.

"Come dance" he says gesturing to the big crowd in the centre moving to some underground beat.

"No" I say simply looking for a way out. I spot Emily but shes..... uh, snogging a guy pressed up against the wall.

"We could do that instead" Emet says cocky gesturing Emily with his head. I go bright red. I mean just the thought of kissing Emet again is strangely inviting.

"I won't be doing that again" I say looking away from him. Emet steps closer and I don't move. He trails a finger over the back of my hand. Both of them are clutching the unopened can of beer to my stomach trying to stop them from reaching out to Emet.

God, now I understand why every girl falls for him..... But I'm not going to. No matter how much 'Charm' he uses.

"Leave me alone Emet.... I'm not a toy. I'm a human being. I'm not gonna be your 'term girl'" Then with that I walk past him and off into the party leaving him shocked and dumb founded behind me.

I go over to a quiet corner and sit there. I quickly get tired. I go over to Emily and tap her on the shoulder.

"I'm going" I shout. She pulls away from the guy and nods.

"See you" She says then gets back to kissing the guy. I nod and walk out of the rec hall.

I go back to the dorm then into the room remembering to push in the right code. I go in a smile. The wardrobe is open and now has a lot of stationary and books. The walls are painted with a light blue rose design swirling up the walls.

"Wow" I whisper. Its hand painted yet its only been about two hours since I left the room. And my bed now has blue and white covers with a circle pattern.

"This school is amazing" Its with that I get ready for bed.

The End

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