A.... A ShapeshifterMature

I look at the bird in confusion. "A....A Shapeshifer?" I mutter scrambling away. The Bird girls all fuzzy then Emet there sitting on the branch a little further away.

"What's with the power show off?" He says leaning back against another branch. I remain quiet, I wish I could say it was out of choice but his mind...... its so bright I find myself wanting to look directly into his eyes and pushing into his head mentally.

That and my body's tingling all over. So not only mental but I'm phychically wanting to get closer to him.

Which isn't right. Shapeshifters and Phychic's can't be together. I shouldn't have any feelings for the guy.

"You gonna be silent then. I saw you gawking at me earlier...... so you're not gonna miss my party right?" he says flashing a smile.

Cocky idiot. I straight up. I hook my legs on the branch and grip it either side of my hips. I then fall back flipping off the branch to land on my feet. I turn and begin to walk off.

I hear the flapping of wings behind me then suddenly Emet is walking next to me lazily.

"You really are a tough one" Emet says. Then suddenly he steps infront of me. I freeze. I try to step around him but he moves with me. Then he takes a small step forward.

I retreat back and we continue that patern until I up against a small wall. "Hmm" Emet says. He rest his hands either side of my shoulders. And he's so close I find my heart beating faster and faster in my chest.

"Usually, I've been able to charm the person I'm talking to by now" his voice is arrogant and Cocky.

"I'm not just a person" I hiss then punch at his mind mentally. He stumbles back. Which is all as well cause I don't know how much longer I could have held out before throwing myself at him.

He looks up at me. "You're a telepath" he whispers.

"Tell anyone and I'll wipe your mind dry" I hiss again, how do people act angry at someone they like? God I thought being judged was hard. But forcing someone away and threats.... Uh. He smiles.

"Threating me is a bad thing. I won't tell anyone but I will get my own way back" he says looking up and straight at me. I turn and try to move away. He grabs my wrist spins me round and presses me up to the wall.

"What you-"

He presses his lips hard down on mine and I freeze. A electric shock blast down my body trying to pull me closer to him like a magnet. He suddenly breaks away but he's not smiling arrogantly.

He looks confused. Did he just feel that as well? Then the confusions gone.

"See you at the party" He smiles then he's gone a hawk flying off and out of the garden.

"What the hell?" I whisper the tingling of the electric shock still vibrating through my bones. I look down at my watch and.... "Oh shit"

I run out of the garden and through the court yard to the steps leading up to the dinning room where people are just coming out. I go in to spot Emily still at Emet's group's table snogging the living daylights out of one of the group.

"Um.... Emily" She looks up lazily.

"Oh, Jinx" I was so worried. Of course you were. Snogging someone certainly shows your worried about someone else.

"Um, yeah.... are we going to that party?" I ask.

"Okay" Emily says jumping of the guys lap. She walks over and hooks her arms through mine again.

Then leads me happily to the reck hall. The smiling guy she snogged transforming to a bird and flying off ahead.

The End

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