A Little Birdy Told Me.Mature

I'm staring after her for a while. It's all quiet.Rege whistles. "Wow, that girls got power. Hey Emet, maybe she's more powerful then you." I glare down at him as hesays that, the smile vanishing from his face.

Suddenly the whole hall is buzzing. Everyone is talking about the new girl. What was her name? Jinx wasn't it? Yeah. I start to walk out the hall. "Hey Emet. Where we going?" Rege asks, all my gang are on their feet.

"We are going nowhere. I am." I shift into a little black bird and fly out the hall. Most shifters can master changing into a few animals max but I can change into whatever I want easy.

I fly out in the night, looking for Jinx. I don't know why but I have to know if she's alright. Maybe it's because of her power?

I can tell she's in the phychic garden. Shapeshifters aren't allowed in there but I don't care! I fly around the garden looking. Where is the phychic girl? I fly uphigher, toget a better view.

From the corner ofmy blackbird eye, I can see her in a large oak tree. I fly over to her and land perfectly on the branch. She doesn't seem to notice. I whistle again and again until she looks at me.

I can see her face, wet from tears. Oh no, I hate it when girls cry. I jump closer to her. She looks down at me, memorised. I fly up onto her knee and wipes a tear away with my wing.

She gasps in surprise. I look up at her face wondering what the hell I'm doing here.

The End

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