Dinner and Seeing the Bad BoyMature

"That outfit is perfect" Emily says gawking at me as I step out of the bathroom. I understand why.

On top is the school jacket, with the school sign which is a blue moon cut through by an eclipse, which is the time when Phychic's and Shapshifters are at their strongest. Then beneath I have a dress, the skirt part is a bell shape that ends before the knee's, the top part is a corset type top with light blue ribbon and the sleeves are long and get more loose closer to the wrists. I then have black tights and Dr Martin boots with light blue roses embroided into them.

Then for accesories round the waist is a wide light blue ribbon tied to the side in a bow. Then my hair is also tied up in a ponytail with a light blue ribbon.

"Shall we get going?" I ask looking at her smiling. She nods and stands up. She's wearing something different as well.

A tight skin dress with a small skirt at the knee's, low v-neck and thick straps. She has knee high black high heel boots. Then over that her school jacket.

"Come on" She struts out of the room and I follow her out. She guides us back to the leisure room where some people are standing just putting the slight last bit of makeup on. I've only got on some eyeliner and lipgloss. (No mascara, I don't need it)

We have to first go to a meeting in a hall seperate to the Shapeshifters before going to dinner. Luckily me and Emily get out quickly missing the rush out.

"We'll get the best seats this time maybe" Emily says pausing to check my outfit. "Some of the people in Emet gang do like a bit of new meat"

"Aren't they shapeshifters?" I ask.

"Not all of them, and its not like a bit of flirting with someone is against the law. It's just a serious relationship thats against the rules" Emily says winking. "Nothing more than kissing is aloud between species and if any feelings are felt, break up"

"That and girls aren't aloud in boys dorms" I say shaking my head.

"Or the other way round. Although that didn't stop Emet almost getting Scarlet's virginity last"

"What you mean almost?" I ask.

"Well, apart from getting caught and being the only boy whose ever come close to  losing his virginity at this school....... The teacher heard them" Emily says simply and laughing after.

I laugh with her. "Opps" She says. "We should get going"

She grabs my hand and pulls me through the courtyard. Towards a set of stairs leading up to a set of double doors. She pushes them open and..... "Wow" I say.

Its posh yet has that school cafateria feel to it by you having to collect you food at a counter and several tables are scattered round the room.

Then I spot one that catches my eye. The one Emet's sitting on. He leaning lazily back in his chair and is laughing with his mates.

He turns and catches my eye. He freeze's seeing me watching. I quickly look away and follow Emily to the counter. I gather together a pasta and cold coke.

"Follow me" She leads me up too Emet's groups table where a few girls are already sitting at..... on the boys laps. I start to feel un comfortable then..... FLASH!

A vision of...... I come back to the present just as the leg of Emet chair snaps. I throw out my hand in shock giving a short yell of fear. The chair freezes suspended in time.

Everyone stares at it shocked and Emet slowly gets out of his chair. Then turns to look at me. I frozen staring straight at the chair and then at my hand.

Everyone slowly turns to look at me. I look at their shock faces and fears starts to build inside me. I drop my pasta and drink and bolt out of the dining room.

"Jinx!" Emily shouts after me but I know she doesn't follow me. I run out of the dinning room and into the courtyard through the courtyard to a seperate garden. I spot an old oak tree.

I run over and climb up into the high branches. I pull my knees to my chest and cry. They know I'm a freak. God they know I'm a freak.

No one's shown time pausing and future sight together in a thousand years but time pausing hasn't been seen in the same amount of time.

I'm a freak........ a freak whose eyes flash violet when powers are in use which shouldn't happen......

The End

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