Meeting Room.Mature

I'm in my room, punching the punch bag as hard as I can. I can hear someone behind me. I quickly do a backflip and put them in a tight headlock.

Rege curses. "C'mon man, let me out." I laugh at Rege trapped in my headlock. "Why should I do that Rege?" I love doing things like this. He struggles for a bit then gives up, making me laugh harder.

"C'mon. It's nearly time for dinner and you stink!" I laugh and let him go. I shake my head and pick up the towel on the floor. I wipe some of the sweat of my body then go into the bathroom, turning on the shower.

I lightly jog back into mine and Reges room. I nod to him and he swears at me. "What's that for?" I ask, laughing. He scowls. "It's for making my head fullof your sweat!" Rege says while pulling a face.

I shake my head and laugh. "That's what you get for trying to sneak upon me." He shakes his blonde head. His face is turned away but I can tell he's smiling. I quickly grab some clothes for dinner then run back into the bathroom.


After my quick shower I dry myself off and get changed. I open the door, my hair still dripping, to find the guys all ready. They are all sitting on the sofa, their dinner jackets screwed up on the floor.

I run into my room and get mine from that's by my bed. I put it over my arm and walk out my room and over to the sofa. "So, what's the time?" I ask and the guys look up at me.

"We were suppost to of been down there five minuets ago." Max, our brain box, informs me. I nod. "That means that it's our head's still talking. C'mon then you lot."I say. That's probably the only bad thing about dinner, our headteacher always does a boring lecture.

The guys get up and grab their compulsery jackets. We never wear them, just hold them. We all come out the dorm and close the door. We are going to make an entrance, like we do every dinner time.

I walk confidently in front and open the big doors that lead into the shapeshifter meetingroom. Our headteacher scowls at us as we walk in. I wink at a few girls, making them go red. I smile and walk to our usual places, near the back. We all stand down like we hadn't interupted anything.

All the shapeshifter students are here, the phychic ones are in the other meeting room. I don't really see why the school has phychics and shapeshifters if we are hardly ever mixed with them. But then again, they would be a lot of fights and there's the threat of breaking the don't fall in love with someone who is not your race.

"As I was saying, it's so good to see all the new shapeshifters students and the older ones back again." My gang all cheer as loud as we can, clapping our hands, some others started to join us. "Nice to see you Mr Ripkill." Miss says sarcasticly. I nod to her.

"Aw miss. I missed you too." I wink at her, making a bit of red go in her cheeks. "Well, er, lets go eat." She says and we all cheer again. She shakes her head and smiles, walking away. My gang get out the meeting room first and get our food.

I lead them to our normal table. We all sit down and soon girls start to come over. The doors open and the phychics come in.

The End

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