Party on the first day?Mature

"This is the Phychic girls dorm" Alaric says pushing open a door. I follow him in seeing some girls have sat up at the sight of him. "Emily?"

"Here!" A girl says jumping up. Her skin is pale and she has freckles beneath her eyes and on her noes.

As she gets closer I take in her long shoulder length ringlets of golden hair and her eyes are brown with flecks of red. Its quite cool even if you would think it to seem evil.

"This is your new room mate" Alaric says pushing me forward by a reasuring grip on my shoulder. "Make her welcome. I will see you later, Jinx"

He turns then leaves striding out the room and as the door closes behind him a few of the girls sigh.

I look at Emily. "Why does-" Getting where I'm going Emily answers quickly.

"Oh, well you know how Phychic's and Shapeshifters live must longer than humans but don't age past 21 even though they die. Well thats the reason half the girls here believe they have a chance" Emily explains.

"You being one of them" I tease. She smiles at me brightly then gestures for me to follow.

"Well, as you see this is the leisure room. Settee's, almost everywhere, two flat screen tv's one for films the other news and daily programs. Also there's a piano over there" She explains. She gestures to the door next to the stairs before we go up them.

"That was the kitchen. Filled with loads of choice of food but of course everyone eats together for lunch and dinner. But breakfast is eaten in the dorms"

She finished going up the stairs and walks past three doors on each side before turning into a corridor to the left. She goes straight to the first door on the right on this hallway and taps in a code to the key pad.

She opens the door stepping in me following. I let the door swing closed behind me as I take in the room.

"As code is 9823. Don't tell anyone cause since there's no telepath are secrets are kept hidden if we don't speak them to others we don't trust" Emily says going over to fall on her bed. I find myself looking away in shame. Better not say I have that then.

Her bed is the one that doesn't have just cream covers. Instead its black with skulls on it. And its then I take in her outfit.

A corset top beneath a jacket with what I think is the school symbol on it. Then she has a short black skirt and net tights with tight black boots. Then reading her mind I realise they are called hatthorn boots.

"Cool outfit" I say.

"Yeah, well this isn't the full skale of my fashion. I'll get to show that at the party tonight" Emily says with a flash of a sneaky smile.

I see a door to the right and open it to see a nice equipt bathroom behind it. I come back out and go over to the other bed. Opposite at the end of the two beds against the walls are two wardrobes.

"That one's yours" she says indicating one. She has both the bed and wardrobe closest to the door. While mine was furthest away closest to the window.

I open the door and am shocked to find out its not just a wardrobe but half of it folds out its a desk. "Wow" I mutter.

"I know" Emily says rolling over to look at me. "You better have something to wear tonight cause party's held by Emet are the best!"

"E-E-Emet" I stutter. Emily giggles.

"That means you've seen him. Brilliant" Emily says. "After Dinner we will go straight to the rec hall. That's where it will be held"

I nod silently then shruggin off my rucksack unpack my clothes, Flute, Violin, Laptop, bathroom gear and finally my drawing pad.

"Jesus girl, you packed hell of a lot. Oh, also there should be two jackets in the wardrobe. You need to wear those to dinner. Its the only thing school insist on you wearing" Emily explains.

I nod silently noticing them. "When we get your side of the room will probably be decorated like mine"

I hope not exactly. Cause I don't want too much black.

The End

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