So Last TermMature

I'm sitting on the sofa with my gang, planning the epic party,  when someone knocks at the door."Come in." I say. The door opens confidently and a group of female shapeshifers come in.

"Hey Emet baby." Says the leader, Scarlet. I look at her up and down. She batters her heavily mascrared eyelashes at me. "What you doing here?" She comes over and sits on my lap. She runs her fingers across the patterens on my shirt. "Well, I thought we could pick up where we left off before last term."

I grab hold of her fingers and push her off me."I don't think so." She looks shocked and a little hurt. My gang to to their feet too. Scarlet gets to her feet. "C'mon baby, lets go for a walk, talk about this." She steps closer to me. I stare down at her.

"Lets not. Get out of here. Don't come in here trying to get off with me." Hurt drains her face. "W-What?" I roll my eyes and start to to her towards the door. Her friends get the idea and walk out. Scarlet stops outside my door. "But, baby. Remember the fun we had." I smile down at her.

"Yeah I do." I say softly. Her face lights up and she leans towards me but I push her back. Confusion is all over Scarlets face. I sigh. "Look, you were my last term babe. Now you're not. So down come around her, all tarted up, wanting to snog me."

Scarlet's on the verge of tears and my gang behind me are laughing. "But. What did I do?" She whispers. I roll my black eyes. "You got boring. Now when you go back to your dorm tell everyone about the party we are having here later." I look into her eyes, using my charm. It's not a power, it's just something I can do.

Scarlet blinks several times. "W-What time?" She asks, her voice dreamy. "Erm, tenish. Tell them to bring drink." I say lightly. She stares at me for a while. "Okay." I smile at how easy this is. "Go on then Scarlet, go tell the phychics and the rest of the  shapeshifters, but make sure the headteachers don't find out." She nods and walks off it a daze, her friends running after her.

I laugh and close the door. The guys give me high fives. "Yes! People are coming to the party!" Rege yells. I laugh. I wonder if they new girl is gonna come. Oh well. This party is going to epic no matter what!


The End

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