Rule BreakingMature

"Hey, Emet. You seen the new girl? She's a phychic." I nod to Rege Millers, my friend, as he comes over.

"I've seen her." I shrug. "She fit aint she?" I raise my eyebrows to Rege, a fellow shapeshifter. "As far as phychic goes, yeah." I start to walk towards my dorm. Rege follows. "So, what we gonna do this year?" I smile and turn to Rege, my black eyes looking down on him. "I'mgonna be good this year."Reges eyes go wide with shock.

I shake my head and laugh. "Rege, mate, you are an idiot. Of course I ain't gonna be good, that'll be boring." Rege smiles. "Hell yeah! This year's gonna be so cool! Parties every night baby!" He stares after some female shifters in mini skirts.

I shake my head, making my thick brown hair move. The girl giggle and go red. I wink at them and walkoff, hearing the sigh longingly after me. "You've got to teach me ow to do that." I smile at Rege.

"Only if you beat me in a race to the dorm." Rege groans but changes into a cheeter, running off. I shake my head and shift my arms into bats wings. I'm soring tthrougth the air much fast then Rege's running.

I land infront of the dorm and a couple of minuets later Rege come. I laugh and change my arms back. I open the door to find my gang there. "Hey Emet! How's it going my man?" I nod to them all. "Who's upfor a mixed party tonight?" By mixed I mean Phychics and shapeshifters. We're not allowed to gointo eachothers dorms but I'm ready to break the rules again.

The End

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