The SchoolMature

I look out the window as the scenery shoots by. I'm really nervous now and the driver in the front I think is a shapeshifter..... No, certain is a shapshifter. I mean he has a forked tongue for heavens sake.

I also don't know when I fell asleep cause one minute I'm looking at the scenery clutching my rucksack to my lap. Then I'm getting woken up by the sudden stop of the car.

I sit up straight and look out of the window at a big large building. Its beautiful with statues and carvings into the walls every so often.

"Wow" I whisper. The driver gets out and then he opens my door. I step out hesitantly and jump slightly when the doors opens.

Two people step out. A man and a women. "What species are you?" The driver asks me urgently. I look up at him confused. "Quickly, please"

"Um Phychic" I mumble.

"This one's for you Alaric" The driver calls up then turns and slides back into a car and speeds off. I watch the car then turn back to the door noting that the women is leaving.

"It is nice to have a new Phychic with us. Come child" He says gesturing me to approach. I pull on my rucksack and run up taking the steps to the entrance quickly. "What is your name child?"

"Um, Jinx sir" I mutter looking down.

"Head up child. The two races that attend this school are meant to remain proud" the man says. "And you may call me Alaric"

"Yes, si- I mean Alaric" I mutter remembering last minute. I look up to see him smiling down at me. He puts a hand on my back pushing me towards the door slightly. I take the hint and walk in with him slightly ahead.

"I am sure you will enjoy your stay here" Alaric says.

"Who was that women with you earlier?" I ask. I find myself fidgetting tugging on my hat trying to pull it down over the top my black straight hair, that falls around my face and down my back to my waist like a veil, a bit more.

My bright blue eyes with new flecks of purple stare out from beneath the brim taking in the surroundings.

I'm petite so the tall and grand hallways make me feel much more smaller. "The women with me earlier is the headmistress of the Shapeshifters, her name is Lionne" Alaric explains.

"Lioness?" I say remembering my french.

"Quite so" Alaric says. He leads us to another door which he pushes open and I gasp seeing the courtyard beyond it.

Students pass through it and as I step out following Alaric only one person catches my eye.

A young man not much older then me standing in the corner of courtyard. Its then after I look away and at the other students that quite a few of the girls are staring at him.

Both Phychic and Shapeshifter and from what I can see the extroadinary young man is a Shapshifter. So why are the Phychic's staring at him?

"Um, whose that young man in the corner?" I ask Alaric pointing the guy out.

"Ah, Emet Ripkill. One of the most prized yet bad behaved students of the school. You must understand like we say to all Phychic's it is forbidden to fall in love with a shapeshifter cause of the out come. If a child was to be born from the two races it would be too powerful" Alaric pauses. "That and with are little disagreements with the Shapeshifter race, Mr Emet is quite the bad behaved"

I take in those word but as we enter a new part of the building I can't get Emet out of my head.

The End

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