Welcome to the School, Blastyen.
In the new time of Phychic's and Shapeshifters. These powerful races evolve from humans and usually continue down there line.
But these two races never touch. It is forbidden for them to fall in love and be together.

I walk down the street calmly. I'm 16 tommorow. It should be a time for celebration but for me its not.

Not since that letter I got this morning. How could we have not known?

I mean shouldn't be being a phychic be more obvious these days. I mean.... I had a feeling when at the start of this week approaching my birthday I began hearing the thoughts of others in my head.

The way I found out my best friend, Clara, was only friends with me because she fancied my brother. I mean come on, eww.

Now she's heard I'm going to be going to Blastyen for the next five years she's completely abandoned me. She ran to my brother and blabed.

Now my whole family and the rest of the town knows that Miss Jinx Eve Waters, is actually jinxed.

I mean its not that big of a deal. About one teenager out of 100 every month is certified to be either a Phychic or a Shapeshifter and sent to Blastyen.

A big boarding school to learn for five years about there heirtage. I mean most Phychic and Shapeshifters go on to be poets, dancer, singers, actors, most of the celebraties we see today are probably one of those two species.

And now I'm one of them. Problem is. I'm even more of a freak. According to my reasearch there hasn't been a Phychic with telepathy for 100 years. Not cool at all.

And that's not my only power. I'm a time manipulater, aka I can see the future and pause time. Its amazing, also problem, first Phychic in a thousand years to have both together.

Err! Can't I be normal one way or the other?

Anyway, I've done a lot of research is the main point of this discussion and the car for the school will be collecting me tonight.

I actually can't wait to get away from this town now I see everyone's true colours.


"Goodbye, mum" I say hugging her. I turn to my dad and give him a hug as well. "Bye, Dad"

"Be a good  girl honey" my dad whispers kissing my cheek. He's the only one whose been nice to me about the change.

My mother on the other hand was outraged and would have treated me like total dirt if it wasn't for my father and the fact me being her daugter.

I turn to my brother.... and Clara tucked beneath his arm which is round his shoulder.

"Bye, Jake" I says waving. I begin to turn away but Jake walks up and picks me off the floor hugging me tightly.

"Bye, Jinx. Remember your still my little sister right?" He say letting me down then ruffling my hair.

"Goodbye Jinx" Clara says stepping up and hugging up to Jake's side. Yeah, she's as bad as my mum while my brother has been slightly distant.

"Bye" I say then turn off. I pick up my rucksack pulling it onto my shoulders. Then make my way outside where a black car is waiting.

"Here I go" I whisper then slowly approach the car.

The End

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