Blasted Stars - The Soldier and the Beauty

It is the year 2357 and our solar system is strewn with conflict and war. The weapon of choice being the AMU or Armored Mobile Unit, a humanoid robotic weapon. With the advances being made in all fields of science and also with the discovery of ancient alien over-technology on the moon the AMU comes in many different forms with many different names. Also as a product of human evolution and genetic manipulation humanity has diverged into clearly seperate races.

The shakedown run had been going just fine. The HAP-0014 also known as the Zweihander MK-IV, was a new prototype AMU ( Armored Mobile Unit ) the fourth in the series. It was much too advanced and expensive to be made into your average mass production unit but there were plans to have it mass produced on a smaller scale for elite terran pilots, of course there were some kinks to be worked out first. They were almost done running through all of the weapon systems, the pile driver had checked out along with the tethered harpoon horn and the tri-barrelled miniguns, they had already checked most of the passive systems. Finally it came time to test the newest weapon system, the pulse flash. It had been designed based off of the extra-terrestrial tech that had been discovered on the moon so many years ago, a real marvel of lunar engineering. Mounted on the shoulders of the mech sat the energy caster, when the shell flipped open it would emit a massive burst of foreign radiation. This radiation was supposed to fry all of the opposing AMU’s electronic systems and lock the mech into a superficial form of stasis if everything went as planned.


Alain sat in that pilot’s seat, a model soldier. He had been not only raised and conditioned to be that way but also genetically sculpted for it. Any other regular pilot should be afraid at this point, hands hovering over the controls of an un-tested and possibly dangerous system. Alain however appeared almost apathetic, his one good eye staring into the view screen sizing up his target in preparation for the order to proceed. The A.I. controlled enemy danced around in his sights, running through a series of preprogrammed evasive maneuvers but when the order to fire came it was childs play for Alain to lock the AMU in his sights. The massive machine’s thrusters fired full-force and it drove on toward the enemy. Once he was almost within range his fingers danced across the controls as if it were a piano and he its maestro. The hatches flew open simultaneously and then for a moment there was nothing. Alain brought the mech to a full stop confused as to what had happened. He began what would have been a quick diagnostic before disaster struck.


All of a sudden the cockpits displays and systems froze and warnings blared. There was a massive feedback from the pulse engine and the shoulder housings exploded, rocketing through the air. The blast tore through the side of the cockpit, Alain was lucky and skilled enough to hit the eject before he was shredded apart. He flew through the air and slammed into the ground. The last thing he saw was a whirlwind of parts and shrapnel before the impact of the earth knocked him unconscious.

The End

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