Fussy Mussy

MaThe sunlight lightly swirled across Nicolas' face as he lay on the hardwood floor, arms above his head. The soft ambience of forest sounds and a gentle breeze crept in from beneath the holes in the wall, and he closed his eyes. Gurgle. Gurgle. It started and stopped every few seconds now, and the pain had gotten increasingly stronger. Nicolas winced and clutched at his stomach, the fabric tightening against his skin as he curdled over, struggling to breathe. He had never felt this pain before. Pain. He stopped for a moment and thought of the word in his head, something that had never come into his mind before; he hadn't learnt it, yet it seemed so farmiliar. Picking up the phone, he began to dial 9-1-1, only to realize that there were no paramedics. There was no hospital. No one ever got hurt. Nicolas contemplated  going to the birth ward, but it seemed to risky. Besides, with his mother working there, he was bound to get caught, and he was in enough trouble already with his missing homework assignments and all.

The End

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