Blake Johnson : Detective Series

Blake Johnson is the detective who figures out who murdered the murderee, this is the first of many
Prologue only..

As Jack runs through the corn field, he runs through the day, and how he ended up running for his life.

*Five Hours Earlier*

            Jack was heading up an alley where he was told to go, to their “hideout.” The “hideout” was the headquarters for the infamous gang, the Anacondas. HE was supposed to join them to report back to the Scorpions, because he was the highly skilled spy for the scorpions. But secretly Jack really wanted to be part of the Anacondas.

            As he got closer to the guard at the front door, he got anxious and started running towards the entrance. The guard stops him immediately and asks Jack what his business was. Jack pause a moment trying to remember what the informant told him the code was for new members. He blurts out the code just as the guard grabs him to throw him to the street.

            “Want to be a member of the Anacondas, do you now,” the guard snickers, “wait right there.”

            The guy disappears through the door leaving Jack alone in the alleyway.

            “This is it,” Jack whispers to himself, “finally going to become an Anaconda.”

            And just as quick as the guard disappears, he returns again, but this time with another guy just like Jack. The new arrival looks Jack over carefully, trying to look for something. Then he speaks.

            “To join,” he says, “you first must do a task of my choosing. You ever hear of the gang the scorpions?” he asks.

            Jack tries to hide his fear, as he lies and says no. The guy looks at Jack angrily and yells at him saying that he doesn’t like people lying to him. So the guy asks again if Jack knew who the Anacondas were. Jack really wants to get in so he has to say yes.

            “Good, that’s what I thought,” the guy says happily. “to get in our gang, you must kill the leader of the Scorpions.”

            Jacks heart sank through his body. The leader of the Scorpions, was, his brother, Matt. Jack didn’t want to give his cover away, so he asked where to find this gang. The guy looks at him weird but tells him anyway.” On the other side of town, under the bridge, and bring me his head to make sure you did the deed.”


Jack gets to the bridge, where his brother and his gang were sitting. Matt runs to Jack and asks if he got in. Jack told his brother that he had to go a task first. The two brothers start walking away, still talking, when Jack stops, and says “I’m sorry, brother.”

Matt starts saying, “what do you mean you’re…” but never gets to finish because Jack just sliced off his head.

            Jack starts walking away when a loud commotion started up behind him. Someone saw him kill his brother!

            “You traitor!” the kid named Trevor screams. “Your own brother!” as more and more people came around to see what’s going on. Then everyone stars running after me screaming foul words at me, and running at me with weapons.

            Jack runs to the nearby cornfield because he thinks he will be able to hide and they will not be able to get to him. As he runs through the cornfield, he finds a spot to hide. He hears the sounds get closer and closer until they are upon him.

The End

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