Blaine screwed up his eyes and rolled over. 

"No.. Idunwanna.." He murmured.

"Come on, Blaine. You've missed a whole week of school! You missed Sectionals! You have to help us all prepare for Regionals!" Kurt insisted, shaking Blaine again. Blaine had been out of hospital for three days now, and the doctors had said it was safe for him to go to school. He was staying on a camp bed in Kurt's basement room. He had refused to take Kurt's bed from him, saying that Kurt would only be ratty and irritable if he did not get a good night's sleep. 

"But.. My face.." Blaine mumbled. 

"Is beautiful. Come on Blaine. Stop being self conscious!" Kurt said, sitting on the camp bed and touching his boyfriend's cheek with his warm hand. 

"No. Its black and blue, Kurt. Like the rest of me. People will be talking about me.. I can't stand it... It'll.. It'll be like at my old school, after I came out, and my dad beat me up, and everyone was staring and laughing and saying that I self-harmed.." He gulped, turning over and sitting up, his hazel eyes staring into Kurt's. 

"Oh, Blaine.." Kurt, murmured, pressing his forehead to the smaller boy's. Blaine's eye was not as swollen anymore, but it was still a purplish-blue-black color, and the rest of his bruises were glowing black-blue too. "I'll be here for you. So will all the New Directions. You don't have to be scared anymore, Blaine.." 

"Mmm.." Blaine murmured, and kissed Kurt. "I better go shower then.." He muttered, gesturing to the wild afro of tangled, unwashed, uncombed hair that had sat atop his head since he had been out of hospital. Kurt just giggled and poked at the curly mess. Blaine grimaced, and headed to the shower. 

Kurt got dressed, having already showered and moisturized, listening to Blaine singing in the shower. He was singing: "As long as you're mine" from Wicked. Kurt smiled. It had become their song, ever since they sung it in glee club. He fumbled with his buttons, singing along quietly, and didn't realize the shower had stopped until he felt a pair of hands on his shoulders. 

"BOO!" Blaine said, grinning. Kurt jumped violently, turning to see Blaine wearing nothing but boxers. 

"You." Kurt said, poking Blaine in the chest and letting his finger slide down the other boy's muscled stomach. "Are teasing me. Get dressed. You are not getting out of school by bribing me with your all too perfect body. You know how much I want to say we are both feeling ill and spend all day lying on my bed with you.. Grr, sometimes I wonder if you aren't really an angel, but a devil, sent to torment me and tempt me." 

"You love my perfect body." Blaine said with a wink. "You don't want me to get dressed..." 

"No, I don't but- AH! Unless you want to go to school like that, you better do it sharpish, we have twenty minutes to get to school!" Kurt yelled, grabbing his and Blaine's school bags and racing up the stairs. "Meet me in the car in five. I'll grab some toast on my way out." Then he ran up the stairs, leaving Blaine standing, staring after him. Quickly, he dressed in jeans and a tight fitting black v-neck tee with a red plaid shirt over the top, unbuttoned. He ran up the stairs two at a time, but not before putting a little product in his hair and running a comb through it. 

"Bye Carole, Bye Burt!" He yelled as he raced out of the door. Kurt had already got the car on the road, and was holding the door open. They were speeding along the road when it hit Blaine. School. School. Oh god. He was scared. 

The End

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