"Kurt.. I'm homeless. Disowned by my own family.." Blaine murmured, and doubled over, hunching in on himself, truly heartbreaking sobs filling the car. Silent tears streamed down Kurt's face, but he kept his hands on the steering wheel and his eyes on the road. A crash was the opposite of what they needed. When they arrived back at the Hummel-Hudson household, Burt and Carole rushed out to meet them, having gotten Kurt's text. It had read:

Am coming home with Blaine. All is not well. Can he stay for a while? K xx

"Oh my god, Kurt! Blaine! What have they done to you?" Burt cried, seeing the worn pair. Kurt had a bruise appearing on his cheek, and one above his eye, but other than that he appeared fine, other than a serious case of red, swollen, post-crying eyes. His injuries were nothing compared to Blaine's. The boy was hunched, clutching at Kurt, looking horribly broken and weak. He sported bruised arms and face, his ripped, rumpled shirt showing more bruises. One of Blaine's eyes was swollen shut. Carole let out a whimper. Finn came out of the house, with Rachel. Both of their mouths dropped open when they saw Blaine. 

"Oh my god, man, who did that to you? I'll round up the guys and we'll beat 'em twice as bad!" Finn asked, confusion and concern mixed on his face. 

"My dad.." Blaine murmured, his voice barely above a hoarse whisper. 

"WHAT? Your father did this to you, Blaine?" Rachel asked, her loud voice rising to almost a shout. 

"Yes.. He's.. Homophobic.." Blaine muttered. 

"Oh Blaine.." Carole moved to the short boy's other side, and helped Kurt support the boy as they walked into the house. Once in the house, Blaine slumped on the couch, head in Kurt's lap, drifting in and out of consciousness as Kurt explained what had happened. 

"Then his dad hit him. Really hard. Over and over. Until he.. he fell to the ground. And then..." Kurt's voice faded as what had before been the warm grey mist turned into a thick black fog, engulfing Blaine. 


Suddenly, Blaine went still in Kurt's arms. 

"OHMYGOD! BLAINE!" Kurt yelled, shaking his boyfriend gently. "Wake up, Blaine, wake up!" But his boyfriend would not awaken. Not when they shouted in his ear, not when Rachel screamed as loud as she could (and that was loud) "Oh god.. He's gone into a coma! Call 911!" Kurt yelled. 

Moments later, an ambulance had arrived, and Blaine was whisked off. Kurt followed. 

"Are you family of this boy?" A paramedic asked. 

"No but-" Kurt started. 

"Then I'll have to say you can't travel with us. Family only. Sorry, son. But don't worry. Your friend will be ok." 

"He's not just my friend! He's my boyfriend! The love of my life! His family have disowned him, I'm all he's got!" Kurt cried. 

"OK kid. Climb in." The Paramedic assented. And then they were off. Hurtling toward the hospital, Blaine's hand cold in Kurt's. 

The End

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