"Blaine.. We don't have to do this.. Really.. We don't. I know what your dad is like.. Come on, Blaine. Lets leave it." Kurt pleaded, but Blaine, in the driver's seat, shook his head. It was the week after the confrontation with Kurt's parents, and sectionals were just two days away. 

"Yes, we do. We have to. I can't keep it from them much longer. They're getting really suspicious. And anyway, Mom and Felicia, my sister, will be happy, I'm sure. They're way more supportive than Dad." Blaine's voice was calm, but his knuckles were white, he was gripping the steering wheel so hard. 

"Blaine.. Please. I know you think you have to do it, but you don't.. Imagine what your dad will do! I'm scared, Blaine.." Kurt begged, his eyes all puppy-like. But Blaine's own eyes were fixed on the road. 

"No Kurt. This is happening. Today. Now." He said, pulling into the driveway of a large white house. Kurt gulped, and Blaine climbed out of the car. Slowly, cautiously, Kurt stepped from the car too. He walked straight into the lounge, where he had asked his family to gather. "Good. You're all here. Now, there's someone I want you to meet." Kurt stepped into the room slowly.

"Mom, Dad, Felicia.." Blaine said sitting, and Kurt sitting next to him. "This is Kurt." And then, he intertwined his fingers with Kurt's. His mother and sister smiled, catching on, happy for Blaine, but his father did not. 

"What? What? Who is this boy, Blaine? Why is he so speci-" His eyes lighted upon the hands of the two boys. His face turned crimson. "What is this, Blaine? This is.. You're.. You're.. You're romantically attached to this.. this.. boy?" He spluttered, infuriated. 

"Yes, dad. I'm gay, remember?" Blaine said slowly. His father rose, and strode towards Kurt. Immediately, Blaine jumped up, placing himself between Kurt and his father. Kurt gave a frightened whimper. 

"Marcus! Don't do this!" Blaine's mother cried, also scared. 

"I'll do what I damn well want, you stupid woman!" Marcus spat at her, advancing once more on Blaine. "You.. You.." He fumed. And then the punches started. All over Blaine's body, he punched as he yelled. "DAMN YOU GODFORSAKEN FAGGOT OF A BOY! YOU KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE DONE TO MY REPUTATION? AND THEN YOU HAVE THE CHEEK, TO BRING ANOTHER MAN INTO MY HOUSE WITH YOU! DAMN THAT PUBLIC SCHOOL! I THOUGHT THE TOUGH KIDS THERE WOULD STRAIGHTEN YOU, BUT CLEARLY IT HAD THE OPPOSITE EFFECT!" All the while he yelled, Blaine just took the blows. He was used to it. Finally, he flopped onto the floor with a pitiful cry. 

"BLAINE!" Kurt yelled, and jumped up, forgetting the angry, hate-filled, homophobic man in front of him. As Kurt was bending to help Blaine, a fist connected with his eye, then his cheek, then his stomach. This was the last straw for Blaine. 

"DON'T. YOU. EVER. TOUCH. HIM. LIKE. THAT!" He yelled, heaving himself to his feet and punctuating each word with a blow to his father's body. 

"THATS IT! GET OUT! GET OUT OF MY HOUSE AND NEVER COME BACK! I HAVE NO SON!" Marcus roared. "You, stranger, have fifteen minutes to get your things and leave." He said, sinking onto the couch. 

The weeping pair ran from the room and Kurt followed Blaine up the stairs to his room, where he watched sadly as Blaine pulled a large suitcase, filled with his clothes and other essentials, like his laptop and his schoolbag full of books, from under his bed. 

"I was ready for this. I knew this would come to a head one way or another. So I prepared." He sobbed. "I just.. I just hoped, you know? I hoped he might accept me.. But he didn't." Blaine removed a small, wooden box from behind some books on his bookshelf. There was a padlock holding it shut. Blaine removed a key on a piece of string from under his pillow and slipped it about his neck. Kurt could tell that whatever was in the box was special to him. Putting the box inside the suitcase, Blaine shut it, and pulled it across the room. Luckily, it was wheeled. The pair dragged it down the stairs, and out of the door. On the threshold, Blaine paused. In the lounge, his mother and father were talking. 

"He's your son, Marcus!" His mother sobbed.

"What? Are you out of your mind Isolde? I have no such son. I have a daughter. No son." Marcus said in a firm voice. Giving another sob, Blaine left, slamming the door behind him. Then they quickly slid the suitcase into the back seat of his car and got in. Kurt drove. 

"Oh Kurt.. What am I going to do?" Blaine sobbed. 

The End

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