Caught in the act..

Kurt and Blaine were entwined in the basement room Kurt's parents had converted so he wouldn't have to share with Finn. It had been almost a month since they had first announced their relationship to the glee club - and Mr. Shue. But then they had sworn all of them - Finn especially - to silence. Neither were ready for their parents to know. Both boys had been to the others houses, saying they were studying and practicing for glee club, but really sneaking as many kisses as they could. Today was one of those occasions. It was the day after their wedding, and Burt and Carole were out buying last minute supplies for their honeymoon, and would be gone for a few hours - and Finn had disappeared to Puck's place as soon as Blaine had arrived. 

And now, an hour later, Blaine was lying atop Kurt, planting kisses on the other boy's ear, neck, jaw, nose, forehead, collarbone.. (Blaine had forcibly removed both of their shirts) Kurt moaned as Blaine pressed a kiss on the corner of his mouth, teasing him. Blaine suddenly felt a pair of hands on his cheeks, and his mouth was pressed against Kurt's in an instant, Kurt's soft lips and sweet taste clouding his senses so much he didn't hear the footsteps above them, or the voice, calling Kurt's name. Apparently, neither did Kurt, because suddenly they were all but leaping out of their skin as they heard the door open, and Burt's face appeared around the door. 

"Kur- What the hell? What is going on here, Kurt? Blaine? I thought you guys were friends? And by friends I mean just friends! Now I walk in on you guys practically doing the dirty when you thought I was gone for a while? Kurt, I thought I could trust you! Finn, I might have expected this from, but you?" All the while, both boys lay in silence, slowly untangling themselves, finding their shirts and pulling them on. 

"Dad.. I.. Um.. I can explain.." Kurt mumbled as he did up the buttons on his bright blue shirt. 

"Like hell you can, Kurt. You," He pointed viciously at Blaine. "come with him. You both have some things to tell me, but then you're leaving, and not coming back." 

"WHAT? Dad, no! You can't-" Kurt protested, but Burt cut him off. 

"Like hell I can, Kurt. Now get up to the family room. NOW, Kurt!" His father thundered. A meek Kurt, and a very frightened Blaine trooped slowly up to the lounge, past a fuming Burt, and sat on the sofa, neither looking at the other. Burt walked in and sat across from them in the arm chair. "Explain." He said simply. 

"Dad.. What is there to explain? You know I'm gay! I thought you were ok with it!" Kurt cried, bursting into tears. Blaine reached out a hand to comfort his boyfriend, but one steely-eyed glare from Burt had his hand back by his side in seconds. 

"I am ok with you being gay, Kurt. I just want to know why you felt the need to sneak around behind mine and everyone else's back!" Burt exclaimed. "Is he blackmailing you Kurt? Pressuring you into doing things you don't want to?" Blaine's head snapped up from where it hung at this. He opened his mouth to protest, but again, Burt just glared at him, and he shut it again. 

"No dad! Of course not! Blaine is amazing! I really like him! I was the one who asked him out, not the other way around!" Kurt cried, disbelieving. "And it wasn't behind everyone's backs... All the New Directions knew right from the start.. We just kept it from our parents.."  

"Why? When exactly was 'the start'?" Burt pressed. "Wait. Finn knew? Oh I am going to have a serious talk with that boy when he gets home.." 

"Because.. Blaine's dad.. is a homophobe. He hates who Blaine is. So we kept it from his family. As for you and Carole.. I don't know.. I was just scared you would act.. Well, the way you're acting now.. All over protective and saying things like don't touch my son, and being all intrusive and not letting me be happy.." Kurt sobbed, more tears falling down his cheeks. "We first announced our relationship to the New Directions a month ago.. Yes, Finn knew, but don't yell at him! I blackmailed him into not telling, saying I'd tell you a few unsavory secrets of his own.." Burt looked almost ready to cry himself. 

"Kurt.. You know I'll always support you, no matter what! I love you! Your happiness is my top priority!" He said, going to kneel in front of his son, and putting a hand on his arm. 

"So why are you being so mean? Can't you see that Blaine is in pain, watching me like this? And yet you won't even let him touch me! We love each other, Dad, so I'm going to be honest with you. I was scared of announcing our relationship to you.. and it turns out I was justified in being scared! You won't stop glaring at Blaine, and the second you walked in on us, you assumed Blaine was blackmailing me! Blaine was all for telling you and Carole, but I always chickened out at the last second. I was scared. And I still am. I'm scared you're going to make me miserable again by forcing me to split up with the boy I love because of the small fact that the first impression you got of him wasn't a good one!" Kurt finally finished, shaking off his fathers hand and moving close to Blaine, who was also teary-eyed. Blaine slid an arm around Kurt's waist, and the pair looked into each other's eyes. Neither wanted to lose the other. 

"Mr. Hummel..." Blaine sobbed. "Please don't do this. I love your son, and would never, ever, hurt him. Yes, it was wrong of us to hide things from you, but I wouldn't go against Kurt's will, because I knew just how scary having a homophobic father can be.. My dad hits me, sometimes, Mr. Hummel. Because he thinks hitting me, and forcing me into sport, and mixed schools, will turn me straight. I just really hope you aren't the same kind of person as my dad." 

"Oh my god.. Blaine, I'm sorry.. I.. I don't know what to say.." Burt muttered, looking the ground. "Maybe I did overreact.. God, me, homophobic? No, Jesus, I'll always love Kurt for who he is.. Listen.. I don't like the fact that you hid this from me, but at least now I understand why you did it. And I'm going to give you, Blaine, another chance. You are going to go home, smarten up and come back for dinner. Over dinner, we are going to have a formal introduction, and you will be introduced to my wife as Kurt's boyfriend. I would have liked to ask you over for sunday lunch, but since Carole and I are jetting off early tomorrow, that isn't the best idea." 

"Thank you, thank you ever so Mr. Hummel. You won't regret this." Blaine grinned and walked back towards Kurt's room. "I'll just get my things." 

Once he was down in the basement, Blaine let out all his breath in a long, shaky sigh. He could hear Mr. Hummel upstairs, talking to Kurt, but a few moments later, when was about to go up the stairs, Kurt ran down them and kissed him. 

"God, I was scared back there.." He murmured. "Now, he promises to forget everything he saw today as long as you will. You hit the nail on the head calling him a homophobe, Blaine. He saw what he was doing to me for real. Does your dad really hit you?" Blaine gulped. 

"Yes. I'll explain.. another time. Right now, I should go." He murmured, kissing his boyfriend one more time. 

"He really does like you, you know, Blaine. In spite of everything." Kurt said. Blaine just smiled and ran up the stairs.

"Bye Mr. Hummel! Bye Kurt!" He called. He tensed as his boyfriend's father caught his arm.

"Hey, Blaine? Call me Burt." He said, with a small smile. From then on, Blaine knew things would be OK. He just had a feeling.  

The End

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