As long as you're mine..

All through afternoon lessons, Blaine couldn't stop smiling. Everyone ( Well, by everyone, he meant all of the New Directions) noticed, and asked him what he was so happy about. Blaine would just grin even bigger, and told them: "You'll see. Just make sure your in the choir room after school." 

"Of course we will be. Its GLEE club.." They had all replied, looking mystified. 

"Well I guess you won't miss it then, will you?" Blaine would say back. He and Kurt had agreed on singing a song to tell everyone about their feelings. Blaine had had his heart set on "Love Story" by Taylor Swift, but Kurt disapproved of all mainstream pop, and convinced him into a more classically romantic song. He had decided on "As Long As You're Mine" from his favorite musical, Wicked. 

That afternoon, in Glee club, Kurt and Blaine readied themselves. It was Duets week. And they had their duet. 

"Okay. Who's up first today?" Mr. Shue asked. Kurt caught his eye before speaking up.

"Excuse me, Mr. Shue? Blaine and I would like to perform a number." Kurt said, turning to grin at Blaine. Blaine saw Mercedes shoot Kurt a look that said: What are you doing? You rebuffed him yesterday! 

But either Kurt didn't see it, or he chose to ignore it. He nodded to the band, and they began to play. Kurt and Blaine walked to the front calmly, and faced each other. 

"Kiss me too fiercely, hold me too tight.." Kurt began. "I need help believing, You're with me tonight... My wildest dreamings, could not forsee.. Lying beside you, with you wanting me.. And just for this moment... As long as you're mine.. I've lost all resistance, and crossed the border line.. And if it turns out.. Its over to0 fast.. I'll make every last moment last... As long as you're mine.." Mercedes looked torn between a smile and a frown. Of course, Kurt would sing a song from Wicked, but wasn't this a love song? And it looked like he was singing it to Blaine, the very same Blaine he had rejected just the day before. The faces of the other Glee clubbers were just as confused. Mr. Shue was only smiling, this was just what he was going for. Heartfelt, truly moving duets. 

"Maybe I'm brainless.. Maybe I'm wise.." Blaine sang, looking straight into Kurt's eyes. But you've got me seeing, through different eyes.. Somehow I've fallen, under your spell.. And somehow I'm feeling, its up that I fell.."

And then they sang together, joining hands and turning to face the front. 

 "Every moment, as long as you're mine.. I'll wake up my body, and make up for lost time.." 

"Say there's no future.. For us as a pair.." Blaine sang, turning to look at the tears that had suddenly gathered in Kurt's eyes. 

"And though I may know, I don't care!" Both sang together. "Just for this moment.. As long as you're mine.. Come be how you want to.. And see how bright we shine! Borrow the moonlight... Until it is through.. And I'll be here.. Holding you... As long as you're mine.. " When the pair sang: 'Holding you' they embraced, and everyone broke into smiles. Apart from Santana, that was. She just frowned, looking away. At the end of the song, Kurt touched his lips to Blaine's quickly as everyone applauded, on their feet. 

"Wow, Kurt, Blaine. Really good! Very heartfelt. Beautiful, even." Mr. Shue said. Kurt and Blaine just grinned. As the pair walked back to their seats Mercedes asked: 

"So this is your way of telling us you guys are together now? Was the fight yesterday fake? Did Blaine just have a dentist appointment?" 

"No, we really did fight yesterday, I really was sulking with Kurt. But.. He realized the error of his ways." Explained Blaine, grinning at Mercedes and sending Kurt a flirtatious wink. Kurt smiled too. It was great having Blaine this way. He seemed so much happier, more confident and outgoing than he had ever been before. And Kurt loved this side of his friend. No. Boyfriend. Kurt grinned even wider. 

Boyfriend.. Boyfriend.. He could get used to that. 

The End

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