Forgive me?

When Blaine pulled into his regular parking spot the day after the whole Kurt incident, he found the very same boy standing, waiting for him. He closed his eyes. What was he going to say now? That he had been wrong yesterday and he didn't want to be friends at all? Blaine let out a little sigh, and, grabbing his bag from the passenger seat and preparing to open the door. Taking a deep breath, he shut off the engine and pocketed the keys. Kurt was staring at him through the window, tapping his foot against the concrete floor. 

Blaine took another deep breath, set his face into a stony mask, and climbed out of the car. 

"What do you want, Kurt? Here to tell me you don't want to be friends after all?" He hissed. Kurt looked wounded. 

"No, I actually wanted to say I'm really sorry for everything that went down yesterday.. And I really want to have a proper talk with you. Meet me in the auditorium at lunch?" He said softly, his eyes pleading with Blaine even more than his words were. 

"Okay. I'll meet you in the auditorium. But I refuse to accept your apology, or apologize for myself until I have heard that this 'proper talk' isn't an even bigger rebuff than yesterday's one." He said, taking a little of the coldness from his tone. 

"Great!" Kurt grinned. Then his expression turned serious again. "I really am sorry for rebuffing you like that.. I shouldn't have done it.. I'll make it up to you, I swear." He murmured, and then he was gone, making his getaway at such a fast walk it was practically a run. 

The morning's lessons passed in a flash, and before he knew it, Blaine was walking toward the auditorium, wondering what Kurt could possibly have thought of to say that would make up for what he had done yesterday. 

When he entered the auditorium, he found Kurt sitting in the center of the stage. 

"Come, Blaine. I really do want to talk to you properly." He said, standing. Blaine walked up, and stood in front of Kurt. 

"Okay. Shoot. I want to see this." He grinned. He was convinced there was nothing Kurt could say to compensate for what had gone down yesterday. Kurt looked at him in silence for a few minutes. Finally, he spoke:

"Blaine.. I'm really, really and truly sorry for what I said to you yesterday. I know you must have been pretty upset-" Blaine snorted. "-Okay, really upset about my rebuffing you like that. You don't have to apologize for what you said in history class. I fully accept that I deserved it." Blaine felt his mouth go a little slack, opening slightly. Kurt wasn't mad about what he had said in history? That shocked him. "And.. I understand that you didn't come to glee club as a message to me. You thought, screw that, I'm not doing something that will help Kurt toward his dream since he just crushed mine.." Blaine's mouth fell completely open. "Don't be so shocked Blaine. While you've been getting to know me, you'll be surprised to hear I was getting to know you too. I know what your dream is, at least for this moment in time and.. and I'm here to.. fulfill it." Blaine's heart sped into overdrive. Was Kurt really about to do what he thought he was going to do? "Yesterday, without you there by my side in glee club, I realized my feelings. Its true what they say you know. You really don't know what you have until you lose it." 

With that, Kurt shut Blaine's mouth and cupped his cheek with one hand. Blaine felt an involuntary shiver run down his spine. Kurt was touching him.. It felt like an electric shock.. Slowly, Kurt stepped closer, twining his other arm around Blaine's waist. Their chests touching, Kurt tilted Blaine's chin up, and touched his mouth to Blaine's. 

An explosion of emotions went off inside of Blaine. Elation, Dizziness, Love, Lust and Happiness to name but a few. His arms, which had until down lain dead at his side, wrapped themselves around Kurt's neck, deepening the kiss. When a breathless Kurt finally drew away from an equally breathless, flushed Blaine, he murmured:

"Forgive me?" 

"Of course..." Blaine replied, and pressed his lips to Kurt's once more. 

The End

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