Blaine walked into history just a few minutes late. Kurt was already seated at his desk, next to Blaine's, but Blaine refused to make eye contact with him or even look at him. He had decided on the walk from his car to his History classroom that he didn't need Kurt. He didn't even want Kurt. Kurt wasn't even attractive. But even as he thought it, another little voice would reply: Yes you do. Yes, you do. Yes he is. He's beautiful and you know it. Blaine slumped into his seat with a sigh. He felt his phone vibrate against his leg. He didn't have to look at it to know it was Kurt. It vibrated ten more times in the next twenty minutes, all of which Blaine spent staring pointedly at the board, at the teacher, making notes and completing the work diligently. 

After twenty five minutes Blaine felt a nudge on his side. And again. And again. And again. After about fifteen nudges he turned his head. 

"What?" He hissed. 

"Are you mad? Have I done something wrong?" Kurt replied, his eyes full of sadness. 

"I don't know. Have you?" Blaine hissed in reply. 

"I didn't want to hurt you I swear! You said just being friends was ok!" Kurt pleaded quietly. 

"Oh you didn't, did you? Well you did a darn good  job of that didn't you? Now can you please stop nudging me, I'm trying to get on with my work." He replied coldly. The hurt look in Kurt's eyes was enough to break Blaine's heart all over again, but he just averted his eyes and continued working. After a few moments thought, he pulled out his phone and slowly, deliberately deleted everyone of Kurt's texts, one by one without reading them. Kurt gave an anguished sob next to him, but Blaine ignored it, sliding his phone back into his pocket and picking up his pen again. 

 Blaine had no more lessons with Kurt for the rest of the day, but he continued to act cold, not talking to anyone, just completing the work in silence. At the end of the day he rushed from the school. Screw Glee club. Screw Kurt. He was leaving. 


"Kurt, where's Blaine?" Mr. Shue asked after they had all waited almost ten minutes for him. 

"I don't know!" Kurt snapped. "Why does everyone automatically assume I know where he is? Because I don't, okay?" He frowned, biting his lip, clearly holding in his tears. His bag still rested on the seat that usually belonged to Blaine, as if he was still saving it for him. 

"Kurt.. What's going on? Have you and Blaine fallen out? Because yesterday you two were acting like best friends and now you're acting like you hate the guy!" Mr. Shue asked in a quiet voice. 

"Blaine and I... Had a.. had a minor... disagreement. I'm guessing he's sulking." Kurt said slowly. 

"About what?" Mr Shue asked. Kurt opened his mouth to reply, but before he could, Santana butted in.

"Oh lord, a blind man could see what was going on here. Obviously the two gays had a lover's tiff and the totally gorgeous-should-be-straight Blaine has gone home to cry his little hazel eyes out. Seriously, Kurt, he deserves so much better than you. He deserves me." She announced loudly. 

"Blaine and I are not lovers!" Kurt exclaimed angrily. 

"Oh come on Kurt.." Mercedes sighed. "For once, I agree with Santana. A blind man could have seen what was going on between you two. Blaine really likes you Kurt. I really hope you haven't messed it up with him." 

"I told him I just wanted to be friends.. And now he hates me.." Kurt sobbed, dissolving into tears. Mercedes went and sat in Blaine's normal seat, putting an arm around Kurt. 

"Shh, it'll be ok... Blaine loves you enough to come back to you.." She whispered. 

But deep down, Kurt knew he didn't. Kurt knew he had messed up his entire chance of getting a gorgeous boyfriend with a beautiful voice. 

"Oh why did I say I just wanted to be friends?" He sobbed. Now he really knew the meaning of the phrase: 'You don't know what you've got until you lose it'. And Kurt knew perfectly now. He was in love with Blaine, and he had broken his heart.. 

How was he ever going to fix this? 


The End

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