It had been two weeks since he had transferred to Mckinley, and Blaine was just walking along the practically deserted corridor to Glee club, humming and thinking about Kurt, when it happened.

One second, he was alone in the corridor. The next, his way was blocked by two stocky guys in their football jackets. One was black, the other white. Both were holding a cup in each hand. Blaine gulped. 

"Oh, hey, new kid. So we heard you joined the Glee club. And you're the only one we haven't done this to, so:" The white one began. 

"WELCOME TO MCKINLEY!" They yelled in unison, dumping ice cold slushie all over Blaine. First he was hit by the rush of cold, then the horrible, horrible sting. Holding back tears, Blaine stopped himself from running to the choir room. That would only provoke them further. So he walked at a calm, measured pace, leaving a wet, sticky trail of tears and slushie behind him. 

"Oh Blaine!" Kurt cried when he walked into the choir room. Kurt leaped up from where he was seated and ran over to Blaine's side as there was a chorus of: "Oh no.." "Oh Blaine.." "Blaine!" 

Blaine looked into Kurt's shining eyes and burst into tears. Then, he did what he had wanted to do since he had first met Kurt. He threw his arms around him and sobbed on his shoulder. 

"Oh!" Kurt exclaimed, but nevertheless slid his arms about Blaine's soggy waist. "Oh, Blaine..." He murmured, pulling Blaine gently to their usual seats. "Blaine.." 

"Wh-wh-why would th-they do this to-to m-me? They d-don't even k-know me.." Blaine sobbed. He sat down heavily and buried his face in his hands. Through the gaps between his fingers, he could see Kurt texting on his iphone. Blaine blinked back enough tears to realize Kurt was texting Mercedes. About him. Blaine. Blaine's breathing quickened as he read the previous text messages. 

So, the new kid lookd pretty hot 2day, rite? Mercedes had sent. 

Yeah. Kurt had sent back. Can't believe he's really on team gay! Trust Kurt to use proper grammar, even when texting. 

Yh! U shud totes make a move on him. C wt he dus. Had been Mercedes'  next insight. 

I don't know.. He told me he had a crush on another guy.. Kurt had replied, seemingly down about it. Blaine's heart soared at this. 

How do u no it ain't u? Has he told u wat ths guy looks like? Blaine gulped. Mercedes had hit the nail on the head. 

Well... I guess I don't but.. I don't know.. I'm not over Sam yet.. Kurt had replied. Sam? Had Sam been Kurt's last boyfriend? Or was this the same Sam from glee club? The one who was dating the pretty blonde cheerleader, Quinn? 

There had been no reply from Mercedes. Now Kurt had texted back: 

Aw, poor Blaine. He is so adorable when he cries! 

Kurt... Mercedes replied swiftly. Blaine could see her texting from the corner of his eye. Mr Shue was giving another monologue, and as usual, Rachel and Finn were the only ones really paying attention. 

What? Aren't I allowed to think he's cute? 

Wt happend 2 u not being over Sam? 

I... I don't know. Kurt locked his iphone and locked straight ahead, his cheeks glowing a little. 

"Kurt? You're blushing!" Blaine grinned, wiping away the last of his tears. Rachel had given him a towel, and he began to dry himself off. It was no use. His shirt was soaked. He pulled it off and draped it over the back of the chair. Kurt's eyes widened a little. 

"I am?" Kurt replied absently. His eyes were fixed somewhere on Blaine's toned chest. He had been working out a little more since he got to Mckinley, and his six-pack was beginning to show. 

"What'cha thinking about?" Blaine asked quietly. Rachel was singing a solo at the front. Her eyes flashed irritably when she saw Blaine's lips move. 

"This.. This guy.." Kurt mimicked Blaine in their earlier conversation. 

"Who?" Blaine asked, straight out. Kurt grinned. 

"You expect me to just tell you? No way!" He smiled. 

But Blaine was hopeful. There was a good chance this guy could be him..

The End

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