The next day, Blaine spent all the time he could with Kurt. They had some classes together, and Kurt managed to secure them side-by-side seats in every one. They had loads in common. They both loved vogue -they even had the same favorite cover!- and fashion, and were very passionate about gay rights, and politics involving the gay community. Kurt was mystified at Blaine's love for Football, but commended him for breaking the stereo-type. 

Every new thing Blaine found out about Kurt pulled him in a little further. He was falling for him. He was ever so conscious that every time he zoned out, daydreaming, when he came back to himself he was staring at Kurt.. He wondered if the other boy had noticed. The thought made his cheeks glow pink. 

"Blaine? You're blushing!" Kurt laughed quietly. They were in the middle of a history class. 

"I am? Oh god.." Blaine faked, smoothly. 

"What were you thinking about?" Kurt asked, still grinning. Blaine opened his mouth, then stopped. How truthful should he be? He made his mind up quickly.

"I.. I was just thinking.. About this.. guy, I kinda like.." He felt his cheeks burn brighter. 

"Does he go here?" Kurt asked, his tone nonchalant. Blaine inclined his head ever so slightly. "Oh Blaine, you can't go falling for straight guys in your first week of school..." 

"Who said it was a straight guy?" Blaine wanted to say. How could Kurt be so oblivious to his love? Blaine sighed. 

"I know.. It's hard falling for straight guys.." Kurt said, patting Blaine's arm. What was that in his voice? Could it be.. A hint of disappointment? 

"What lesson is next?" Blaine asked, smoothly changing the subject. 

"Gym.." Kurt muttered with a groan. 

"Oh." Blaine exclaimed. Perfect. A chance to look at Kurt's body.. He shivered. 

"Thinking about seeing your crush in his undies?" Kurt grinned. How did he do that? It seemed like he read Blaine's mind! 

"Yeah.." Blaine admitted.

Later, in the changing rooms, Blaine pulled off his shirt quickly, not afraid to show his perfectly flat stomach and chest, and his slightly bulging arm muscles. Then he slid off his jeans easily. Next to him, Kurt did the same. Slowly, deliberately, Blaine met Kurt's eyes, then let his eyes wander slowly down, over Kurt's pale, flat chest to his boxer shorts, lingering on that area before slowly looking back up. When he looked back into Kurt's eyes, Kurt had turned his head. Blaine sighed, exasperated. What would it take to make Kurt see? See that he liked him? He was sure every other member of Glee club saw the chemistry between them.. Why didn't Kurt? 

The End

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