Blaine - The Mckinley High Story

The story of what would have happened if Blaine had transferred to Mckinley instead of Dalton when he was bullied, and how the roles between him and Kurt would be flipped. Set in the second season of GLEE


Blaine gulped. It was his first day at William Mckinley High School, and he was scared stiff. What if.. What if he was bullied here just like he had been at his old school? He took a deep breath and shut his eyes for a second, before walking through the door. He was wearing skinny jeans, a white-with-red-trim polo shirt and a red sweater, along with red converse. He hoped it wasn't immediately obvious that he was gay. He walked through the corridors, utterly lost. He had began hyperventilating when he bumped into someone slightly taller than he was. 

"Oh, um, sorry.." He blurted, looking up. He had to stop his mouth from falling open as he set eyes upon the most beautiful face in all of existence. Pale skin, neatly parted hair and intriguing glasz eyes, the figure in front of him wore bright blue skinny jeans and a white shirt, along with a black tie and matching bright blue clingy sweater that looked like it must have come from a woman's store. He wore the clothes Blaine would never dare to wear.. Was he.. Gay?

"Oh, new kid!" The boy smiled. "I'm Kurt Hummel, member of the William Mckinley High New Directions." At Blaine's mystified expression, he explained: "Our Glee Club." 

"Oh," Blaine breathed. "I.. I'm Blaine Anderson.. Can I.. Can I audition for your club?" Kurt smiled. 

"It isn't my club, but sure. Come along to today's meeting. Don't worry, I'll tell everyone you're with me. Pick a good song to sing, Blaine Anderson.." He winked and smiled at Blaine before whisking away, leaving Blaine totally awestruck. He ran a hair through his short, black curls. He had found his new idol... 


The rest of the day had passed in a blur, and suddenly, Blaine was standing in front of the New Directions. They were a motley bunch, made up of people from every race around. He knew instantly that the queen bee was the girl sat on the front row, in the centr, the arm of the boy Blaine could identify as the Quarterback of the football team slung about her shoulders. Blaine took a deep breath, and smiled. He loved to sing. Now he could show them that. 

"Hi, I'm Blaine Anderson.. and I'll be singing Teenage Dream by Katy Perry." He announced, searching each and everyone of their faces for signs of shock. When his eyes reached Kurt, he was rewarded with a radiant, encouraging smile. Blaine opened his mouth, and sang:

"Before you met me, I was alright but things were kinda heavy, you brought me to life now every february, you'll be my valentine. Valentine. Lets go all, the way tonight, no regrets. Just love. We can dance, until we die, you and I. We'll be young forever! You make me. Feel like I'm living a teen-age dream, the way you turn me on, I can't sleep, lets run away and don't ever look back, don't ever look back! My heart stops, when you look at me, just. one. touch. Now baby I believe, this is real, so take a chance and don't ever look back don't ever look back..." The rest of the song passed in a blur. He made sure to make eye contact with every single member of the shocked new directions, all of them, including both the Choir Master and Kurt, sitting staring at him with open mouths.  When he was finished, the choir master stood up and joined him at the front where he stood, awkwardly. 

"Wow... I'm Mr. Schuester, by the way, but the kids mainly call me Mr. Shue. Well... What can I say about a performance like that? You're in. Welcome to the New Directions, Blaine." He grinned. The whole club cheered loudly. Blaine noticed, with a shiver, that Kurt was cheering the loudest. When the cheering died down, and Mr. Shue was readying to carry on with the meeting, Kurt called to Blaine. 

"Hey! Blaine! Come sit next to me!" Blaine walked over, and with a start, noticed that Kurt had saved a seat with his bag. "You could have told me you were an amazing singer. I was so nervous for you! I thought I'd be saving this place for nothing!" He grinned as he removed his bag. "Hey, snap!" He cried with a grin, seeing Blaine's leather satchel, almost identical to his own. Blaine smiled. 

"Can I... Ask you something, Kurt?" Blaine asked in a small voice. 

"Sure!" Kurt smiled again, flashing perfect white teeth. 

"Are.. Are you.. Gay?" He looked away timidly. 

"Yes. Why? Do you have a problem with that?" In an instant, Kurt's tone turned hostile. They were whispering underneath Mr. Shue's monologue about Sectionals, and Regionals, and Nationals. 

"Oh, oh no. Far from it. In fact... Um, don't tell anyone but.. Um.. I.. I am too..." Kurt's expression was astounded. Then his arms were around Blaine and he was squeezing the life out of him. 

"Oh Blaine Anderson, you really are heaven sent. Finally, another out gay kid at Mckinley- Wait. You are out, right? Like, your parent's know and stuff?" He asked, his tone still full of happiness. 

"Yes.. That's why I transferred. I was bullied... because of who I am." He mumbled. 

As the meeting drew to a close, the Queen Bee, Rachel, Kurt had said her name was, came up to him. Everyone was still in the room. 

"So, Blaine, I'll ask the question everyone is wondering. Why did you transfer? With a voice like yours, the glee club at your old school can't have been glad to give you up.." She asked, smiling. Blaine looked at Kurt, fear shining in his eyes. But Kurt smiled, and mouthed: Do it. Its better if they all know. 

"Um, actually, I was bullied so badly I had to transfer." He replied, loud enough for everyone, including Mr. Shue, to look his way. 

"Oh, why?" Rachel said, her expression sympathetic. "Was it because of your talent? Were people jealous?" 

"No.. It was because of who I am. What I am." Blaine said vaguely. 

"And that is?" The hispanic girl, Santana, asked bluntly. 

"Gay. I'm gay." Blaine said. 

"Damn it!" Santana growled. "Why do all the cute guys have to be gay?" Everyone laughed, but Blaine got the distinct impression that they were laughing with him, not at him.

"Don't worry Blaine. The New Directions won't judge you." Mr. Shue said to Blaine as he made his way out. He rested a hand on Blaine's shoulder. "You and Kurt have eachother now. I'm sure you guys will be great friends." He smiled, and Blaine smiled back. 

Everyone knew who he was.. and they still liked him.. Maybe this school really would be different.. 

The End

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