The icy dead leaves crunched beneath my bare feet, i could see the the morning sun beginning to rise in the gaps of the tall and shivering trees. Bushes rustled in the gentle but icy breeze making me aware of my surroundings. I felt numb from the cold but didn't care.  Carefully i stepped over brambles that were threatening to slither up my ankles and trip me.  I didn't know where i was going, i didn't think i cared but all i could feel was lonliness, it felt like a rock in the pit of my stomach weighing me down, waves of sadness washed over me. "If nobody believe me then what's the point" i thought despairingly. I wanted to go, leave it all behind, go someplace where i was unknown, just another stranger, no reputation, no judgement. Truthfully, i could have been more prepared to leave, although i felt i had overstayed my welcome long enough. The night before something terrible had happened.

The End

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