After awaking early in the morning Kage awoke.  He ached in ways he had felt few times before.  He quickly got up and ran out into the training room.  Voices of anger erupted from the main room.  Kage walked in and saw his master glade with his fist in a young boys body.  Wait,Kage thought.  The boy,it was Brent!  Kage ran and stopped in front of the boy he reconized as his friend.   "Brent what are you doing here!"Kage yelled."Kage!I wondered when you would arive!"Kage paused for a second and replied"you were watching me and guiding me to here.You've helped me to get here.  But what about your familly,I thought you had to leave them!"Brent smiled"by the time I knew you were the person the guild wanted we had known each other for quite some time.  As for my family I have none exept these people."  Kage didn't know what to think.  He was suddenly overjoyed that his friend had surrvived and was here in front of him.  "Brent,I want you to teach everything needed for assasanation.  For tonight we go to kill."Glade said.

The End

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