The Tivanian People

He walked into the room with rex, his mental trainer, and sat down in a chair in front of a table.  He was sore, so, so sore.  His arms were brused, his nose still broken and one of his ankles twisted.  Other then that his muscles had been worked to the limit of how hared they can work for an adult, let alone a 10 year old boy.

"Ready to learn?"  Rex asked in his some what deep voice.

"Yes."  Kage replied.  He normally would have just said, 'uh uh,'  or, 'yup,' but after working all day with Glade, he probably never would again.

He worked along time, reading things, reading aloud, and being taught about what he was reading.  The books were history, but they were a history he'd never heard of.  They were history about ansestors of assassins. 

eventually, he was done.  He had worked with Glade from 10:00 AM, to 2:30 PM, and then come here, and it was now almost midnight. 

Kage did like Rex, though.  Although he did hit him for making mistakes in spelling and pronunciation, he seemed more friendly. 

"Master Rex.  May I asked you something?  Something about . . . what we do?"  Kage asked before he left.

Rex's eyebrows creased.  "Um . . . I guess it coudln't hurt.  What is it?"

Kage thought carefully about what he was going to say.  "Well, I know that you kill.  But . . . what do you kill for?  What is your motive?"  He asked ever so carefully.

Rex chuckled.  "Ohhhh, my boy!  I thought you were going to ask something much worse then that. 

"Kage, have you ever heard of the Tivanian People?"

"Yeah, they're a bedtime story.  something mothers tell their children about, and say if you be bad, then they'll come to get you."  Kage heard himself say Yeah, instead of yes, but it was already done.  Rex didn't seem to mind.

"Well, there not just a bedtime story.  They are real.  They bring peace, and keept the right people in leadership.  We, are mearly their Blade.  Or no, they are a blade.  We . . . are their Blades Edge."  Rex said, and then looked Kage right back in the eye.

Kage looked back at him.  This was kind of hard to take in.  They're real?  He asked himself.  He suddenly yawned.

Rex chuckled again.  "Go get some sleep, boy." 

"Yes, Master Rex."  At this, he walked back into his room, and fell asleep, curling up into a ball inside his covers.

The End

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