Let the Training Begin

How did that happen?  What was going on?  Just over 2 hours ago Kage had been playing a normal game of tag with his best friend, and now . . . well he hadn't quite come to terms with that, but he was really in an underground room, sitting on an old fashioned chair directly in front of a deadly assassin.

"This will be your room." Glade said, indicating to the room they were in.  "Training will start today, wether you like it or not.  I will be your master, and you will always refer to me as Master Glade, or else you will under go punishment.  After your Physical training with me, you will go to your mental training with Rex.  And one other thing.  From now on, you will make no friendships other then your elders and brotheren inside the guild.  You may, at some time, be sent out to befriend serton people for jobs, but make sure to be prepared to have to kill them at any time."

Kage stared blankly.  "So thats it?  I can't say goodbye, nothing?"

"Absolutely not.  The last time you saw your friends was really the last.  Never try to make contact with them again, or you will be punished, or possibly killed.  Do you understand what I'm saying to you?"  Glade stared at the boy, who seemed amazed.

"Uh, yeah."  Kage mumbeled. 

I'm dreaming, Kage thought to himself, I used to think I was, but know i kno---

Kage was suddenly smacked in the face so hard, his nose started to bleed. 

"You will refer to me as master!"  Glade yelled in anger, but was suddenly calm again.   He stood up.  "Follow me."

The End

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