What It's All About

Glade, Glade Ives if you must know, dragged the boy into a room, and sat him on a rough, wooden chair.  The room was very small, and plain.  Nothing but a bed and bathroom in it.  Glade sat down in a chair directly infront of the boy, and removed his hood, showing his tanned face, black, short and spiked hair, with one strip of blond dyed through it.

Kage recognized him from somewhere, but couldn't quite put his finger on it.

"What's you name, Bud?"  Glade asked.

"Kage."  Kage meakly replied.

"Last name?" 

"Don't got one."  Kage had really made the name up for himself, it ment Blade.  But he'd never made himself up a last name.

"You got any family?"  Glade leaned closer, Kage could even smell him.

"No."  Kage looked down at that slightly, and Glade picked it up imeadiatly.

They sat in silence for just a moment, although it wasn't ackward really.  Glade had a way of seeming like he wouldn't talk that much anyway, which made silence seem . . . more comfertable. 

"Kid, I mean Kage," He said it with slight discust when he said the kids name.  He knew what it ment, and didn't think it fit him at all.  "What if I told you that your entire family, was part of a Guild of Assassins, and that it was your duty to carry on their legacy?"  That was Glade, right to the point, hard feelings ment.

Kage looked at him and his eyebrows creased.  What's this wake talking about?  I'm no Assassin, Kage thought to himself, Or am I?

Images of speed, stealth, knives and swords flooded through Kage's mind.  He could be free!  Then he remembered something.  He realized where he'd seen this man before.  He was running, a slight bit of blood on his face, and the Kings armed forces fallowing him on Hover-bikes.  Did he want that?

"I would say . . . that I didn't want to be part of that legacy. . . ."  Kage forced himself ot reply.

Glade stared at him, and remembered how he'd looked down when he had menchioned family.  He let his jaw drop and his eyes widen.

"You mean to tell me that  you just found out about your family, just found out about your destiny, and . . . you don't wanna take any part in it? "

This hit Kage, and hit him hard.  Yes, he would have to do this.  Then he remembered the freedom he had rememberd when this man here had first menchioned that he would becmome an assassin. 

It was his destiny. . . .

The End

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