A New Place

The man who was dragging Kage along by the back of his collar frightened Kage.  He couldn't tell who he was, or even see his face, because he wore a hood with a green stripe through the top which shaded his face. 

This is great, just great, Kage thought to himself, now whats gonna happen?  This guys gonna take me and put me in an orphanage or something. . . .

Finally they got to the front door.  From the outside, It looked like a normal house.  And really, it was.  But the man brought Kage inside, and pulled a lever behind a painting, and what used to look like an electric fire place, turned off and opened up into a stair case leading somewhere below the house.  Kage was led there, and then dropped off in a seat. 

The room was rather lardge, and had an open door leading into a hallway, and on the other side of the hallway was another open room, the walls layerd with hundred of knives and other weapons.

Inside the room, where Kage sat patiently, the man walked up and started talking to another man, whereing the same hood, except this one dark grey instead of white.

"You really think it's Jason's kid?"  Rex, the man cloaked in dark grey said to Glade.

"I know it."  Glade replied, taking a bite out of his apple.

Rex gave another hesitant look at the boy, but he knew Glade was right, and if this boy has even a fraction of the talent his fater had, this might be just what they need.

The End

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