Jason's Kid

Eventually, they came back into the town, and begin playing various games through the streets.  At the moment, Kage was running full speed through the streets of the Alves, Brent at his tail.  He dodged through the crowd, and hopped over different obsticles.  In front of him, he could either go to his right or left.  He knew that to his right, he could make a U-turn, and hope up onto a latter leading up to a second story apartment and hopefully lose brent, but too his left was a long strait away, and he knew he was faster then Brent, and just might be able to out run him. 

He got to the end, and juked left, but went right, just to bump right into a tall, fat, rich and stuck up man.  His name was Henry Williom.  Everyone knew him.  He was a nobel, and the richest one in town.  The man fell over, landing directly into a deep mud puddle

Kage cursed just quitely enough Henry couldn't hear it.  "Uh, Uh, Uh . . ." Kage studdered.

"AHHHH!"  The man grouled as he got up.  He pulled out a dagger, and lunged at Kage in pour anger.

Kage turned around and ran.  Brent had seen everything, and ran off before Henry could see him, and Kage off in that direction


Glade walked slowly, but still alertly, toward Head Quarters, when he stopped at a stand, buying himself an apple.  He took a bite into the sweat, juicy, green apple, tasting the slightly sour flavor.

Just after he did, he saw a kid come running toward him from the bottom of the street.  Some Fat man chasing after him with a dagger.

something about that kid though?  He couldn't quite put his finger on, but he knew something was funny.  As they past him, Glade grabbed the kid by the back of his caller, his feet moving out from under him, and stuck his leg out infront of the man, who tripped and fell on his face, suddenly unconcious.  The kid looked up at him, his eyes wide with fear. 

Yep, thats him alright, Glade thought to himself. That's Jason's Kid.

The End

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