Enough to Eat

Kage stood up from the bench he was sitting at, next to the woman looking through her purse, and started to walk forward, just as if he was going to walk past the woman, but purposely tripped into her.  She put up both hands to stop him from falling directly on her, and as she did, Kage quickly grabbed her wallet out of her purse, holding it behind his back.

Before she could even say anything, Kage muttered, "Sorry."  And walked off into the crowd.  He checked the wallet to see how much was in it. 

He cursed to himself under his breath as he saw it wasn't even enough to buy another loaf of bread.  But although it wasn't enough, Kage wouldn't go try pick pocketing again.  It was mainly just superstition, but the first time he'd ever tried twice in a row, he'd been cought and ran far over a mile triying to lose the man who'd cought him.  He'd never tried twice after that.

He was just so starving though . . .

That made him wonder if Brent was home.  Probably not, but he had seen some other kids out, maybe today was a no school day for some reason. 

He walked down one of the main pathways just on the right side of the castle, forcing his way through the crowd.  Eventually, as he got past the crowd, he took some side roads rarely used, leading toward Brents apartment.

Oil leaked from some Hover-Bikes, casting rainbows down on the black, rough road, and as Kage moved, he made them swirl to his eyes, like northern lights across the sky.

Eventually he stopped, and looked up at a window in the building to his right.  The second story.  He pulled a string which Brent had attached to a bell just next to his window.

After it ringed a few times, the Force-Feild window opened, and Brents head popped out.

"Hey!"  Kage called up. "No school?"

"Oh, hey Kage! No theres not school.  Holiday. So, 'sup?"  Brent replied in his deep voice, or at least deep for his age.

"Just wanted to see if you can you come 'n play?  And man, bring something to eat if you can, I'm starving. . . ."


They sat on top of the sand dune, on a towel, just a little outside of the Alves border, in the direction of the desert.  at the other side of the Alves, about 10 miles, it led of to a few more towns, which the Alves king also owned, just a fraction of the country of Arakis.

Kage looked off into the desert lands as he ate the food which Brent had provided.  He watched the the wind fly at the dunes off in the distance, making small tornados of sand, which were made up, and then slowly faded, then repeating itself, like it was just trying to break free of something, but couldn't quite make it.

Brent finished his food, and laid down, closing his eyes.  Brent was Kage's best friend, although they did have one major difference:  Brent wasn't an Orphan, he had a family, he knew the name of his father, and he didn't have to constantly pick pocket to survive.

Kage laid down and also closed his eyes.

The End

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