1 Year Earlier

No one saw him.  Not even one eye lingered in his direction.  He was hanging high above the ground on the top edge of a building, looking down upon the Prince of the Alves, Prince Simon.

His name was Glade, and He was an assassin, working for a guild called the Blades Edge.  He wore a white hood and pants, hidding blades all over him.  Glade watched the prince, giving a talk to his people, directly infront of the Kingdom at the middle of the city.

It was time. . . .

He turned to his right, and ran to that edge of the building, which dropped down into a back alley.  As he began to lean forward, slowly falling off the edge, he suddenly jumped, and hit the other wall.  As he did, rebounding directly back off of nothing but friction, and landing on a balcony.  Below him was a clothes line, which he jumped and landed on, immediatly falling from standing on it, to hanging by it with his hands.  Then he let go and hit the ground 5 feet below him without making so much as a sound.

Just forward and to the left, out of the alley, Simon was giving his talk.  Glade slowly moved forward, and turned, seeing Simon looking out over his people, talking to them, using the ugual large hand motions and sweeps.

Simons was a very fat man, but not just fat, but the kind of fat you only seemed to get when you were rich.  It almost seemed to mark him as a greedy political moron.

Glade began running at them, them meaning his at least 7 body guards, stachoned all around him.  As he was getting close, he grabbed his two daggers right out of their sheaths and through them under handed at the two closed guards, killing them.  but before they could even fall over backward he was there, and had pulled the daggers out, as he did stabbing them  into the two slits left open in Simons armor at his sides, and plunged them into his rib cage.

Before blood had even shown, Glade took the blades out, and back handedly stabbed Simons accross the face, blood spraying out over himself. 

The other bodyguards also standing around, were just getting to their senses, but Glade was already gone, moving to the opposite ally as he had entered, on the other side of Simon.  They chased after him.

Glade, on the other hand, was already in the alley and had climbed back up ontop of the building he had started at, watching everyone go by in panic, some completely obvlivious to what had just happened, but everyone obvlivious to him.

The End

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