How It Came to Be

As Kage sat there, waiting for the right moment, he pondered history, and wished he could learn more about it.  He loved reading, and read almost anything, but most of all loved history.  If he could afford it, he would find a way to make it into school, but he couldn't.

Though as he watched the two guards standing in front of the Castle, he wondered why they really had such simple weaponry and armor.  With all the technologies of their day, they couldn't figure out how to make a more complex weapon then a sharp object used to hack people to death?

All the same, swords and knifes fasinated him, he even had his own dagger he'd stolen placed carefully back at his warhouse.

But he wasn't really thinking about that right now, he was pondering the, "Switch Accident," which was the main theory sientists had about what had happened.  Supposedly, long ago, things were more advanced then they they are now, that they had figured out some way to move between different dimenstions, but after they'd invented it, some how it blew up, or leaked, or something such as ... and this was the result, a dimension "switch," but some how Kage didn't believe this.  The whole thing seemed sort of ... mythical.

As kage sat there, a woman sat down next to him.  She wore white silk, which covered one shoulder, with a long sleeve down that arm, but didn't cover the other shoulder, and had no sleeve down that side.  Her pants were also silk, and baggie, but black instead of white.  But the best part: she took a small purse off of her sleeved shoulder, and set it down on the table, opposite from him, and started rummaging through it.

This was his perfect chance.

The End

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