Blades Edge

A small boy living by himself on the edge of the Alves, in a world caught between mid-evil times, and far into the future, because of an accidantal dimension switch thousands of years ago.


He was 10 years old, but seemed older.  His name was Kage.  As he looked up at the ceiling, some light shining in from a few holes in it, casting little yellow dots around the room.  The ceiling was made of medal, with ripples in it to make it stronger, like hundred of perfectly shaped small waves in the water.

 The Roof was very old, still made out of medal even, and rusted.  All the same it kept enough water out for Kage, so he liked it.

 He got up, and grabbed his pouch of money.  This place, which was actually an olden day, abandoned warehouse, was very plain, like one big room with nothing in it.  All of his things were in the small corner, where he slept, and they weren’t very much.

 He walked out of the warehouse, which was at the edge of the Alves, and onto the street.  A few blocks down was the little stand he always went too to get food.  As he got there he bought one piece of bread, but had money for no more.  This was hit time to shine.

 He sighed, and started walking toward the center of town, and then into the very center.  This was his favorite place.  Four different walk large walkways came, and met in the very center of town.  In the middle of this was a large fountain, two dolphins with water pouring peacefully from their mouths.  Of course this wasn’t a real fountain, it was a hologram, projected from a light underneath it.  If it was real, they’d need to clean it, there would be a chance of drowning, all kinds of things.

 Around the fountain was four benches, made out of marble, for nothing but public use.  There was only one left open, so Kage sat down on it.

 The entire place had four main attractions.  A store, a bank, a food palace, and last but not least, the entrance to the kingdom, located at one of the corners, between two of the walkways leading in, two guards standing watch holding large, but still light, broadswords, with their force field armor on, which you could see through to their uniforms underneath.



The End

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