The Mortal Chess Champion

Meantime, down on Earth, a tall woman with mousy hair had just come on stage to recieve her championship chess trophy. She recieved the silver trophy and stepped down from the stage amidst applause. When she returned to her chair, she noticed a man wearing long blue robes seated in a chair in the corner. None of the other people either on the stage or off appeared to notice him. She opened her lips to speak but the man placed a finger on his own lips and she fell silent. Boh waited. When the hall had begun to clear, the man beckoned her over.

She sat in the chair beside him. He spoke.

"Have you ever heard of Samuel the Immortal?"


"Samuel. He is very famous."

"You mean the man who alone out of everyone else survived a plane crash?"

The man nodded.

"I only know of him as an extraordinary survivor."

"He used to be far more or at least known as far more."

"Either way he disappeared off the face of the earth".

"Yes". The man spoke slowly. He did.

The woman was silent for a moment and looked away. On looking back she was surprised to discover that the man seated beside her had vanished.

"Samuel". She repeated the name to herself, puzzled. Her encounter with the mysteious man, though he had not said much, had stirred in her subconsious some vague memory that this Samuel was indeed much more than the world believed him to be.

She walked home, still puzzled. Suddenly, a hand reached out and grasped the silver chess trophy she was holding. Startled she turned around.

The End

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