Life and Death stared at each other across the board. Meanwhile, time stopped. It literally froze just as the two immortal players did. The gentle breeze that was swaying the branches of the trees died down. The people walking along halted and their eyes turned upwards. At this point in time, the Earth, Moon and Sun all happened to have formed a straight line, and time had come to a standstill at the very point at which the Moon had completely obstructed the Sun's light from Earth.

After a long silence, both Life and Death automatically moved their fingers fowards and cleared the entire board. Neither of them said a word and avoided each other's gaze completely. Yet, down below on Earth, time started once more as though it had never stopped. The breeze began to blow. The people started walking. Death looked thoughtfully at the Moon covering the Sun. At last he spoke.

"What happened?"

He spoke in a measured tone.

"We drew" Life responded calmly.

"Time stopped"

"Yes" Life spoke slowly. "It did".

"But look at that". Death gestured towards the Sun and Moon.

"Interesting effect". Life was thoughtful.

"Would this happen whenever we had a draw in the game?"

"No" life replied slowly. "This time it was only because of the angle. Pure coinidence."

"So it would seem."

"In chess we have a special move called castling."


"Well shouldn't we call this something?" Death nodded towards the new design.

"Solar Block?" suggested Life, shrugging.

"Mmm" Death frowned. "You have a penchant for selecting beautiful names. Couldn't you find something different.? Block seems a bit cliched."

"You mean even a human could think of that?" Life looked embarrassed.


Life thought hard while Death carefully rearranged his pieces, ready for another game.

"How about Obscure?"

"Obscure?" Death raised his eyebrows.

"No, I have it. Eclipse."

Death was impressed. "On the rare occasion when this happens we will call it Eclipse and if we call it that, so will the humans."

Life smiled for the first time. "They will think it is their own idea."

Death smiled in return. "Precisely".

"They only wear our borrowed feathers". The two spoke these words together as Life carefully rearranged his own pieces, ready for another game.

The End

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