For the first time in his life, Samuel new fear.

He didn't know what the strange power that sheltered him was, but he had always been sure he would be fine. Everything from crashing a bike to a car, he had always, somehow, been confident he would survive.

But when that plane dropped out of the sky, he knew he was going to die. And then, the strangest thing of all happened. Stranger than the mysterious power he always carried. Stranger than the confidence he always felt, in any situation.

He survived.

And that was when he knew... knew, finally knew, that he was different. The shadows, the feelings, they had all been there. The signs... but he had never known.... Only suspected.

He was special. He climbed from the flaming wreck, his clothes the only thing damaged, and saw not carnage in front of him, but the future.

He was untouchable.

The End

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